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Roofing Contractor Licensing, SB 147

Requires licensing of roof contractors for any repair work costing more than $2,500.

Workers Compensation Reforms, HB 79

Multiple revisions including 30 and 60 provisions to object to unnecessary or fraudulent treatment, restrictions on use of independent contractors and filing of reports on injuries and deaths.

Patient Brokering, S 1451

Prohibits patient brokering, including by health insurers, for sober home treatment.

Vehicle Towing , HB 2306

Addresses abuses of towing of vehicles. Places duties on tow companies, owners and insurers. Passed House on 2/22/18. Passed Senate on 4/5/18. House concurredand governor signed on 4/17/18.

Workers Comp Fraud Reporting, A 2046

Requires, rather than authorizes government agencies with information on workers' compensation insurance fraud to release on request. Passed Assembly on 5/29/18 and Senate on 8/29/18. Signed into law by Governor on September 23, 2018.

Patient Brokering, SB 1228

Protections from treatment fraud and patient brokering while in recovery from opioid and other substance abuse. Passed Senate and Assembly. Signed by Governor on 9/26/18.

Opioid Education & Addiction Prevention, SB 1109

Requires continuing education, warning labels and discussions with patients on risks. Also mandates youth athletic programs to distribute risk information annually. Passed Senate and Assembly. Signed by Governor on September 22, 2018.

Increases Assessment for Anti-Fraud Efforts, HB303

Increases the annual funding from $750 to $950 per carrier for anti-fraud efforts. Passed House on 3/6/18 and Senate on 6/19/18. Signed by Governor on 7/23/18.

False claims act, HB 1685

Amends the state's insurance false claims law by opening any funds recovered if AG refuses to take the case for crime prevention instead of just insurance fraud.

Patient Brokering, HB 4949

Makes it an unlawful practice to engage in deceptive marketing, advertising, and promoting mental heath disorder and substance use disorder treatment. Signed by governor on 8/24/18.

Funding, SF 2416

State appropriation includes funding for 2 full-time equivalent positions for the fraud bureau for one prosecuting attorney and one special investigator. Passed House on 5/2/18 and Senate of 5/4/18. Signed by Governor on 6/1/18.

Restitution, HF 2238

Allows insurers to seek criminal restitution if they are the victim of insurance fraud.

Insurance Crime Penalties, HB 323

Increases criminal penalties; provides restitution for insurers and abandons need for convicition for civil recovery.

Insurance Fraud Authority , SB 153

Extends funding to July 1, 2020 for the Sledge Jeansonne Louisiana Insurance Fraud Prevention Act. Passed Senate on 4/10/18 and House on 5/3/18. Signed by Governor on 5/15/18.

Policy Rescission , SB 554

Office of Group Benefits may retroactively cancel health or life insurance coverage of an enrollee or dependents if the enrollee engages commits fraud, or an intentional misrepresentation of material fact and bars from eligibility for coverage. Passed Senate on 4/24/18 and House on 5/17/18. Signed by Governor on 6/1/18.

PBM Regulation & Disclosure, SB 283

Provides for state DOI licensure of pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs), requires annual reporting and disclosure provisions. Passed Sentate on 4/4/18, passed House on 5/10/18 and signed by Governor on 5/20/18.

Juvenile Life Insurance, HB 27

Companion bill to SB 168. Authorizes life insurers to refuse insurance on a minor in certain circumstances. Passsed House & Senate and signed by the Governor on 5/8/18.

Workers Compensation Fraud, HB 1499

Requires governmental self-insureds to report suspected insurance fraud. Cross-filed with SB 575; Passed House on 3/15/18 Passed Senate on 3/30/18. Seigned by Governor on 5/8/18.

Juvenile Life Insurance , SB 168

Places limits and reporting requirements on juvenile life insurance policies. Companion to HB 27 which passed the House and Senate and signed by the Governor on 5/8/18.

Antifraud Plan Requirements , SB 59

Antifraud plans must only be filed by insurers who deliver policies or certificates in MD

Fraud Reporting Immunity, SB2527

Prohibits civil liability for the reporting of suspected insurance fraud.

Public Adjuster Licensing, L 743

Adopts the Public Adjusters Licensing Act.

New Hampshire
Balanced Billing, HB 1809

Phobits balanced billing under managed care law for out-of-network providers at in-network facilities. Passed House on 3/6/18 and Senate on 5/3/18. Signed by Governor on 7/2/18.

New Hampshire
Position of Insurance Fraud Director, S 470

Creates the position of Insurance Fraud Director. Passed the Senate on 2/15/18 and House on 4/12/18. Signed by Governor on 5/30/18.

New Hampshire
Air Ambulance Billing, H 1782

Establishes a committee to study insurance payments to air ambulance providers. Passed House on 3/6/18 and Sentate on 4/19/18. Signed by Governor on 5/25/18.

New Mexico
Auto Fraud Prevention Authority, HB173

Creates an auto fraud prevention authority within the DOI.

Rhode Island
Counterfeit Air Bag Act, HB 7125

Model Air Bag Act. Passed House on 6/7/18. Passed Senate on 6/19/18. Signed by Governor on 6/25/18.

South Carolina
Data Security for Insurers, HB 4655

Requires insurers to have a written data security prorgram to safeguard consumers and to investigate cybersecurity events leading to unathorized access or misuse of data. Passed House on 2/7/18, Senate on 4/18/18 and signed by Governor on 5/3/18.

Counterfeit Air Bags, S2583

Increases penalties for use of counterfeit airbags

Patient Brokering, HB 2068

Provides criminal penalties for patient brokering and referral payments related to drug and alcohol rehabilitation treatement. Passed House on 4/5/18, Senate on 4/19/18 and signed by Governor on 5/3/18.

Patient Brokering , HB 14

Prohibts patient brokering for substance abuse and disorder treatment. Passed House on 2/2/18 and Senate on 3/2/18 and signed by Governor on 3/20/18.

Patient Brokering, S 222

Prohibits renumeration or brokering for referral or testing regarding substance abuse treatment.

West Virginia
Solicitation , SB 273

Prohibits doctors from soliciting patients, either personally or by an agent, through the use of fraud, intimidation, or undue influence;