Coalition staff

Executive Director

Dennis Jay is executive director of the Coalition Against Insurance Fraud. He has served as chief executive officer since the Coalition's founding in 1993.

He oversees the Coalition's three main areas: government affairs, public outreach and research.

Dennis coordinated drafting of a comprehensive model insurance fraud law, which 21 states have passed wholly or partly. In 1996, Dennis initiated breakthrough research on why Americans do and don't tolerate insurance fraud, which was conducted again in 2007.

He is a frequent speaker on insurance fraud, and has testified before several state legislatures and the U.S. Congress.

In 2000 he initiated the chartering of the New York Alliance Against Insurance Fraud to educate consumers in the state about fraud. He now serves on the alliance's board.

He serves on several national and state boards and advisory committees dealing with insurance fraud issues. In 2010, he helped initiate an anti-fraud public/private partnership involving the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, the Department of Justice, private health plans, state regulators and anti-fraud organizations. He currently serves as co- chair of the executive board of the Healthcare Fraud Prevention Partnership (HFFP).

Dennis has authored more than 100 articles and reports on insurance fraud, and currently writes Insurance FraudBlog, a popular Internet weblog on issues and analysis of current fraud topics.

He’s a frequent public speaker on fraud issues in the U.S, and internationally. He has served as a consultant to governments, insurers and insurance organizations in Europe, South America, China, India, Singapore. Australia, New Zealand and Canada.

In 2003, Fraud International magazine named him “Fraud Fighter of the Year” for his efforts in leading anti-fraud initiatives during the first ten years of the Coalition’s existence. The website named Dennis one of the 100 most powerful people in the insurance industry in the U.S.

He formerly served as vice president of communications for the National Association of Professional Insurance Agents. He holds a BA in business administration.

Director of Government Affairs

Pioneering insurance-fraud attorney Matthew Smith founded one of the nation’s leading law firms specializing in insurance fraud litigation. Cincinnati-based Rolfes Henry (formerly Smith Rolfes & Skavdahl) has nine offices throughout the midwest and Florida.

The firm has handled insurance matters in 43 states. As Smith Rolfes & Skavdahl, the firm broke new ground by specializing in all aspects of insurer defense against insurance fraud, from investigations to civil actions.

Smith has won more than 100 civil actions — including cases against home and commercial insurance arsonists, chiropractors that fraudulently overbill, pill mills, MRI clinics and other insurance swindlers. Many appellate decisions have set significant court precedents.

Smith also pioneered using data from cell towers as evidence in civil insurance-fraud cases — now standard practice for insurance-fraud cases around the U.S. He also helped popularize searches of social-media to gather evidence of suspected fraud.

Rolfes Henry was founded in 1989. Smith now focuses on anti-fraud government, regulatory and courtroom work with the Coalition.

He has served as president or on the boards and committees of numerous anti-fraud groups such as the International Association of SIUs ... National Society of Professional Insurance Investigators ... and International Association of Arson Investigators.

A prolific author and lecturer, Smith has written more than 100 articles and spoken to dozens of anti-fraud and civic groups.

Before founding his law firm, Smith was an attorney at two other law firms and general counsel at a South Florida real-estate firm. An Ohio native, Smith graduated from Northern Kentucky University School of Law. He received his undergrad degree from the University of Cincinnati.

Director of Communications

James Quiggle is the Coalition's director of communications and fomenter of buzz.

A 20-year veteran of public relations and journalism, Jim joined the Coalition staff in March 2000. He's stirring public outrage and stoking consumer support with outreach campaigns that tell the tale of fraud, wag the tail of reform, and unite society to combat this crime.

He oversees the Coalition's outreach strategy, positioning the Coalition as one of America's most-trusted authorities on insurance fraud.

Jim's award-winning career has ranged from smoke-filled newsrooms to mahogany-paneled boardrooms.

He has headed public relations for two major national trade associations - the National Association of Professional Insurance Agents and the American Society of Civil Engineers.

Most recently he was a public relations consultant and business journalist, specializing in high-tech, banking, trucking, youth services and other industries.

Jim also was an editor and reporter for a small-town daily newspaper, manager of communications for a Washington think tank covering the media's reporting of business, and lead writer for a public relations firm promoting prominent national sports events.

He has been published in news outlets such as The Washington Post, Miami Herald, Chicago Sun Times, Reno Gazette Journal, Virginia Business and others. Jim also has won several public relations awards.

Jim received a BA (cum laude) in psychology from Dickinson College.

Manager of Operations

Kendra Smith is the Coalition's manager of operations. She joined the Coalition staff in 2007 as executive assistant. She oversees the Coalition’s day-to-day operations, provides administrative support to staff, manages the website and database, and coordinates all board meetings and other activities.

Her 20-year career in office management and managing schedules of some of DC’s most-influential executives forged a wide range of career skills.

Kendra served as an assistant to the President & CEO, SVP of External Affairs, SVP of Marketing & Communications and Chief of Staff at the D.C. Chamber of Commerce. She coordinated all board meetings, maintained the President & CEO’s schedule and travel arraignments, and served as liaison to the Mayor of D.C. and city council member assistants.

At Suited for Change expanded, Kendra maintained relationships with more than 100 job-training programs for low-income women in the D.C. area, assisted with public relations and fundraising projects, and trained volunteers, interns and clients on interview attire and job-readiness skills. She also led several job-readiness workshops for low-income women.

Kendra served as Placement Coordinator for Sanz School’s job placement department. She organized career fairs and seminars, assisted students with gaining employment after completing courses, and provided reports for the school’s accrediting company, President and Corporate Director of Planning.

In 2008, she received a BA in Business Administration and AA in Criminal Justice from American InterContinental University Online.