*** Fraud Alert ***

fake insurance policy

Crime ring seeks “legal fee” for bogus settlement, using Coalition identity

An international fraud ring is emailing people that they’re eligible for a settlement from securities litigation — if they wire a large “legal fee” — up to $5,000 — to a bank account in the Philippines. The scammers falsely say the Coalition Against Insurance Fraud will help you receive your money.

*** This is a scam. Do not send them money. ***

The crime ring sends a bogus letter — inaccurately describing Coalition services — on fake Coalition letterhead. The scammers include payment wiring instructions.

There is no securities settlement. The crime ring stole the Coalition’s identity and prestige to lure victims into sending money for a bogus settlement. The text is full of misspellings and typos.

If you receive that email query, immediately forward it — with any correspondence and attachments — to info@InsuranceFraud.org. We are coordinating with law enforcement to stop this scheme.