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Annual reports

A summary of the year in combatting fraud. This report looks at the battle waged from the perspective of legislative advocacy, public awareness, research and strategic planning for the future.

Prescription for Peril

Cutting-edge report on the epidemic of prescription drug abuse in the U.S. and how insurance fraud is financing America's addiction. Report includes scope and causes of the problem and strategies for insurers, payers and government to better address it. 75 pages. Click here to download a pdf file.

Insurance Fraud Primer

At-a-glance summary of what fraud is, various schemes, and what's being done to combat scams. Good handout for reporters or consumer presentations.

Role of Victims in Criminal Investigations and Prosecutions

Reviews the benefits of public policy that encourages insurance fraud victims to cooperate with prosecutors as long as prosecutors remain partial and independent. Also discusses the history of this cooperation, and analyzes a key California case that may discourage vital cooperation. 17 pages.

SIU study

This study was conducted to learn how insurers measure the performance of their SIUs. A review of the measurement systems of 52 insurers found there is little consistency from insurer to insurer in the methods they use in their performance systems.

White Paper: Cutting-Edge Fraud Issues

What are the cutting-edge fraud issues you'll have to deal with? Experts say what's coming in regulation, public-private partnerships, emerging problems, public awareness and fraud measurement. A discussion paper from a national fraud forum held in 2000. 47 pages.


Discusses critical fraud issues when the Coalition was founded in 1993. This report helped shape the Coalition's initial agenda and directions. 24 pages.

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