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Combating drug rehab scams earns Palm Beach County's top prosecutor national award 6/6/2018

Steer Clear Of Painkiller Scams, N.Y. Insurers Urge 5/14/2018

Senior Scam Alert: Hang Up On Cold Callers Exploiting New Medicare Cards To Steal Identity 4/12/2018

Chair of NAIC Antifraud Task Force Elected to Executive Committee of Antifraud Coalition 4/5/2018

Coalition: Association Health Plans Invite Widespread Scams Of Small Businesses, Consumers 2/13/2018

Crime Warp: 9 Worst Insurance Scammers of 2017 Dishonored By Coalition 2/7/2018

Noted Insurance-Fraud Attorney To Lead Coalition's Government Affairs Efforts 2/7/2018

Florida fraud fighters urged to push senators on AOB reform 2/1/2018

Palm Beach Post exposes sober-home epidemic, earns national journalism award from Coalition 1/10/2018

Taking down major workers-comp medical rings earns Calif. prosecutor national award 1/10/2018

8 ways Long Island homeowners can stop Jose contractor scams 9/20/2017

Houston Homeowners Warned Against Repair Scams 9/7/2017

Kentucky court upholds insurer right to compel EUOs 8/28/2017

Stepped-Up Prevention, Deterrence Key To Turning Corner Against Insurance Fraud 8/2/2017

Alert: Don't Get Burned By These 5 Summer Insurance Schemes 6/22/2017

Prominent insurance-fraud attorney joins Coalition staff for government affairs 4/17/2017

Report: Insurers need more consistency in combating life, disability scams 4/12/2017

Amazing Arson Dog Earns N.Y. Fraud Fighter Award 3/8/2017

8 Worst Insurance Criminals of 2016 Named 1/20/2017

Smoking Out Insurance-Arson Rings Earns Laura Uriarte Prosecutor Of Year Award 1/12/2017

Study: Insurance Fraud Surging, Insurers Automating Detection 11/29/2016

Nominees Sought For Fraud Prosecutor of Year Award 9/28/2016

Pa. Airbag-Fraud Bill Would Help Knock out Knockoffs 9/28/2016

Calif. Enacts New Airbag Fraud Law In Growth Trend 9/28/2016

Cohesive Partnerships Key To Combating Fraud 7/18/2016

Anti-fraud groups: allow EUOs without court order 7/13/2016

New Mobile App Eases Access To Insurance-Fraud Info 7/8/2016

Texas Supreme Court Urged To Let Insurers Prove Fraud 6/9/2016

MD makes installing, selling fake airbags a crime 5/10/2016

Inspector General in New York named “Fraud Fighter of the Year” 3/16/2016

Nine extremist schemers of 2015 elected to Insurance Fraud Hall of Shame 12/29/2015

Breaking Up Major Slip-and-Fall Ring Earns Linda Montag Prosecutor of Year Award 12/18/2015

Fake and salvaged air bags put New Yorkers lives at risk 10/23/2015

Fraud Fighters Gain Two Laws in Minnesota 6/17/2015

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