Information services for members

The Coalition maintains several information databases that are available to member organizations, including:

• State regulatory requirements for anti-fraud activities, a searchable database by state and type of regulation that includes guidelines for mandatory reporting of suspected fraud, annual reporting of fraud statistics, SIU requirements, fraud warnings on applications, claims forms and benefit checks and automobile pre-insurance inspection.

• State legislative grids for a quick guide on anti-fraud statutes and state fraud bureaus.

• State legislative update, updated as frequently as daily during legislative sessions, a compendium of fraud bills under consideration during the current legislative session.

Fraud News Weekly, published each week as an insider's report on legislative developments, court cases, Coalition activities and recent fraud cases. All employees of member organization are eligible to receive a free subscription to this weekly update. Members also have access to newsletter archives in a searchable database.

• Research reports, a list of useful research studies and white papers published by industry, government and academia.

• Articles database, a searchable database of hundreds of feature articles written on the topic of insurance fraud.

• Immunity laws for anti-fraud activities, a state-by-state guidebook for insurers to help them understand what information can be safely shared and with whom.

• State insurance fraud laws, a searchable database of state statutes compiled in 23 different categories.

• News archives database, which contains more than 15,000 records of newspaper, magazine, radio and television reports on fraud activities, starting in 1993. Database can be searched by date, subject, story location and key words.

• Conviction database, a compilation that lists names of people convicted, type of fraud, state, name of prosecutor amount of fraud and sentence.

• Fraud arrests is a new searchable database that is updated daily and contains the names and locations of people arrested for insurance fraud. Insurers can run data comparisons with their claims and policyholder databases.

Fraud Focus Newsletter, a quarterly publication containing news, trends, commentary and other insight into public policy issues that may impact anti-fraud efforts.

• Insurance fraud helpLine. Don't know an answer to a fraud-related question? Call the Coalition staff. While we may not have immediate answers, we likely will know where to get it, whether the question involves legislation, fraud estimates, expert witnesses, industry benchmarking or whatever. Just call 202-393-7330.

• Fraud summits, conferences. The Coalition sponsors national and state-specific conferences bringing together insurers, consumers, prosecutors and law enforcement to discuss key issues and exchange ideas on using new legal remedies to combat fraud. Additionally, Coalition staff are available to provide presentations on the latest fraud trends at conferences sponsored by member organizations.

• Access to "Member-only" section of the Coalition's website, which contains exclusive resources for Coalition members.

• Web listing on the Coalition's new products and services section of its website, which recorded six million hits in 2006.

• Article reprints. Members are allowed to reprint most Coalition articles in their own newsletters and on their websites to share anti-fraud information with their employees, agents and clients.