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Insurance fraud is one of America's largest consumer ripoffs. This $80-billion annual crime spree keeps everyone's insurance premiums higher, costs jobs, and robs people of their savings and even lives.

By joining the Coalition, consumer and government organizations can help shape policy decisions that protect the public against insurance swindles.

We're one of America's most credible voices as the only national insurance-fraud watchdog that speaks for consumers, insurance companies and policymakers.

This united voice earns us unparalleled access to — and trust of — state legislators, regulators, law enforcement and the news media when anti-fraud measures are debated

Together, we're working nationally — and fighting in your markets locally. Here's how you benefit from Coalition membership...

Stay informed, know the facts

You'll gain a large array of practical tools you'll find only through the Coalition... to help you stay ahead of swindles... alert you to new schemes... and share successful tactics from the top fraud experts around the nation — the Coalition's own members.

Insurance Fraud Weekly. Insider's report compiles the latest fraud news from around the U.S. each week. This extensive e-mail newsletter is considered must-reading for members of the fraud-fighting community.

FraudWire. Our flagship newsletter reports new trends quarterly, and delivers no-nonsense commentary by noted experts from all viewpoints.

State legislative update. Exclusive monthly analysis updates you on latest fraud laws, bill status and other insider info.

Research. We produce groundbreaking research on critical areas such as fraud bureaus, public attitudes, and punishment of swindlers. You can also access our vast library of other fraud research — court cases, studies, data, statutes, regulations, trend analyses and much more.

Expand your network

Tap into the Coalition's national network of America's top anti-fraud experts — fraud bureaus, legislators, regulators, legal experts and consumer advocates. You'll make valuable contacts for gaining insightful advice, news and strategies.

Increase impact

Our united voice carries a good deal of influence with policymakers and other decision makers around the U.S. They routinely seek our expertise - because we've earned a national reputation for providing honest, accurate and informed guidance on national fraud legislation, regulation and policy.

Tougher laws. Numerous states have adopted our tough model fraud law. It gives broad immunity protection to insurers, and allows stronger remedies and penalties for swindlers.

Influence policymakers. We're helping shape the nation's anti-fraud agenda as a trusted source of honest expertise. We regularly testify before state legislatures, advise policymakers one-on-one, and help mobilize state legislative campaigns for tougher anti-fraud laws.

Changing public opinion. Strong public opinion is critical to supporting anti-fraud efforts. The Coalition is increasing public outrage against swindles — and educating consumers how to fight back. We're creating successful state public-awareness alliances, distributing videos and brochures, placing hard-hitting stories in major media throughout the U.S., and advising state anti-fraud groups on public-awareness strategies.

You can add your voice and your perspective to help shape policy decisions that will impact both consumers and the fraud-fighting community.

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