SIU Benchmarking Study, 2017

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The Coalition has again teamed up with the Ward Group*, a part of Aon, to produce another landmark study to benchmark SIU metrics. This project not only will provide a snapshot of SIU activity overall involving structure, budget, and activities, but it also will give participants a confidential, customized report comparing their operations with other insurers.

Insurers who participated in the previous studies say the report served as a valuable tool in managing anti-fraud operations.

The study will cover:image

  • Organizational structure
  • Areas of responsibility
  • Staffing
  • Outsourcing and vendor management
  • Budget
  • Quality assurance
  • Performance management
  • Workflow
  • Legal issues
  • Training
  • Input and output metrics

Each participant will receive a detailed report comparing its metrics with those of all participating insurers, with those of similar size and those with similar lines of business.

This report from the Ward Group will be an invaluable management tool to allow you to compare your SIU operations with similar insurers. The data from this study likely will be a treasure trove of information to help generate ideas and initiatives to enhance your company's anti-fraud operations and results.

Costs: The fee for this service is only $600, payable after the study is complete. Participants will be billed by the Ward Group. Members of the Coalition Against Insurance Fraud will receive a $200 discount.

Confidentiality: All individual data submitted to Ward Group will remain confidential, will not be shared and will only be accessed by Ward Group analysts. Participating company names will remain confidential.

Schedule: Completed surveys are due by November 10, 2017. Customized reports will be distributed in early January.

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* Ward Group is the leading provider of benchmarking and best practices studies for insurance companies. It analyzes staff levels, compensation, business practices and expenses for all areas of insurance company operations to help companies measure results, optimize performance, and improve profitability. More than 400 companies have participated in Ward Group's benchmarking exercises since 1991. Ward Group has earned the trust of insurers in handling confidential data. It does not discuss client engagements with other organizations or the press.