Cop punk rocks with fake injury

By James Quiggle
January 7, 2015

imageMoonlighting as the lead singer for a punk rock band, police officer Christopher Inserra gyrated and fist-pumped on stage while stealing disability money paid out for a supposedly enfeebled right arm.

He blithely posted his writhing scam on YouTube for the world to see. Bad move; he handed law enforcement and prosecutors slam-dunk evidence that went viral and soon convicted him.

The former New York officer said he hurt the arm while taking an injured Port Authority employee to a medical facility. He felt a “tremendous amount of pain” around his right elbow and lower bicep, he told doctors.

More exams found no serious injuries but Inserra complained he was in so much pain he couldn't bend his arm. His pain rated eight on a one-to-10 scale, he told doctors. “I hardly use it for anything,” Inserra said of his arm.

The police department gave Inserra time off with full $90,000 salary plus disability money.

Went on lengthy tour

“He milked the system as a member of law enforcement.”Meanwhile, his band hit the road for a tour fittingly called “Miles of Mayhem.” Inserra performed gigs around the nation for nearly two years as the frontman for his foursome. His disability checks kept coming like free spending money from the Lucky Lotto.

Inserra performed songs such as “My Sweet Disgrace” and “Walk of Shame.”

The heavily tattooed Inserra also showed little talent for insurance theft. Despite dissecting crime for a living, he posted his performances in full public view on YouTube.

Inserra gripped the microphone on stage, thrashing around with seeming ease. He was “repeatedly moving his arms in a punching motion” and “violently flailing his arm in an up-and-down motion” on the stage, federal prosecutors said.

Prosecutors speak out

“He betrayed that and his brothers and sisters in the police department,” federal prosecutor Robert Capers added. “He milked the system as a member of law enforcement.”

Inserra showed no remorse. “I did receive an injury on the job,” he said in a brief statement to the court. “At some point after that, I was recuperated enough to return back to work on full duty, but I did not return.”

He finally made one smart move. Inserra pleaded guilty instead of facing a possibly lengthy jail term at the hands of a jury. Inserra ended up with five years of probation. He still suffered punishment enough. He resigned from the police force, tossed away his career, and will be followed by a criminal conviction for years to come. He also must repay the stolen disability money.

The name of Inserra’s band? “Cousin Sleaze.”

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