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Pennsylvania worker charged with altering med paperwork

March 20, 2019, Bristol Township, PA — A Bristol Township woman has been accused of forging paperwork submitted to Amtrak.

An investigation by a special agent from the Amtrak Office of Inspector General and a criminal investigator from the Amtrak Police Department led to 52-year-old Amtrak employee Nancy Wagner, a resident of Bristol Township’s Levittown section, being charged last week with insurance fraud, tampering with records, theft by deception, and multiple counts of fraud.

Amtrak police wrote in court papers that Wagner told an occupational health program manager that she altered the return to work date on paperwork last summer at the request of a doctor.

The Amtrak occupational health program manager noted the medical documentation provided by Wagner appeared to be altered, investigators said.

Wagner’s doctor told investigators he set Wagner’s return to work date as May 11, 2018 and amended it to June 21, 2018. However, he was on vacation and did not talk to Wagner or approve a change to July 3, 2018, which was the date on submitted paperwork. He further noted the handwriting and signature on the paperwork was not his, according to court papers.

Amtrak investigators said that the change in the return to work date caused the U.S. government-owned corporation to lose money by paying Wagner’s full health insurance premium during an “unauthorized leave of absence.”

Wagner was arraigned before District Judge Jan Vislosky and released on $75,000 unsecured bail.

Source: Levittown Now

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