Mission, objectives and vision

Adopted in December 2008
Updated in December 2012 and December 2013

Mission Statement
Leveraging the combined energy and resources of consumers, government organizations and insurers, the Coalition Against Insurance Fraud will foster an environment and forum where collaboration can thrive to: 1) combat all forms of insurance fraud, 2) reduce costs for consumers and insurers, and 3) promote fairness and integrity of the insurance system.

The mission is fulfilled by:

  • Educating and increasing awareness among consumers, government organizations, insurers and other stakeholders of the scope and impact of insurance fraud as a means to: 1) lower tolerance of fraud, and 2) encourage and motivate greater engagement in the development and implementation of potential solutions.
  • Advocating laws, regulations and policies that help to detect, prevent, deter, and prosecute insurance fraud and by seeking appropriate remedies. This will be done through efficient, effective and practical initiatives.
  • Serving as the preeminent source of insurance fraud information and expertise and by conducting research to promote and support more effective and efficient anti-fraud initiatives and activities.
  • Strengthening and expanding the Coalition to effectively coordinate and engage more individuals and organizations in combatting insurance fraud.

Value Statements
Inclusion. We are committed to including all who seek to combat insurance fraud while intentionally respecting and supporting diversity of perspective.

Integrity. We operate fairly and ethically in dealing with members, partners and other stakeholders to create a relationship of mutual trust.

Leadership. We are committed to maintaining a high level of leadership in the individuals who are selected to lead our organization for the benefit of our members.

Collaboration. We partner with consumers, insurers, government organizations and other to empower them in greater effective fraud-fighting efforts.

Expertise. We thrive on maintaining a credible reputation so the organization is continually viewed as a leader in research, collaboration and innovative anti-fraud solutions for our members, media partners, government organizations and other stakeholders.