How big is $80 billion?

(bigger than you think!)

Insurance fraud steals at least $80 billion every year. That's a lot of money... a lot of crime... and plenty of harm to honest Americans everywhere.

What does this big number really mean?* Actually, quite a lot!

With $80 billion, you could buy ...

  • Thanksgiving dinners for 16 million festive gatherings of 10 guests every year - for the next century;
  • New car or truck for 2.4 million drivers. That's new wheels for every driver in Oklahoma.
  • 219,280 new homes - half of annual home buyers in the U.S.;
  • Tickets and refreshments to 10 Major League baseball games for 3.8 million families of four. Or ... every family in Philadelphia and Phoenix. They get tickets, caps, programs, sodas, beer and hotdogs - and parking. Mustard's free!

You also could ...

  • Fund global humanitarian aid for more than three years. This includes UN peacekeeping for nearly a decade;
  • Compensate 1.8 million working Americans for a year;
  • Fund incomes of every household in Los Angeles - plus some.
  • Pay federal income taxes for 6.2 million Americans;
  • Fund federal cancer research & training for the next 16 years;
  • Pay 8.75 million in-state students one year of tuition to a four-year public undergrad university; and
  • Pay salary of every high school teacher in the U.S. for two years.

Other $80 billion fraud facts ...

  • Long walk: If you place 80 billion one-dollar bills end to end, they'll stretch to the moon and back - about 16 times; and
  • Fraud, Inc.: If insurance crooks formed a company called Fraud, Inc., it would rank in the top 10 percent among the Fortune 500 in yearly revenue (35th overall).

* As of December 2015