White paper:



Sponsored by the Coalition Against Insurance Fraud, the International Association of Special Investigation Units, and the National Insurance Crime Bureau, the National Insurance Fraud Forum was held in Washington, D.C. on June 5 — 7, 2000. Attending the forum were 100 leaders and experts in the field of insurance fraud. The attendees were representatives of private industry, law enforcement, state fraud bureaus, government regulators and professional organizations.

The purposes of the forum were to:

• Review the progress of the industry's approach to fraud fighting

• Examine five key areas which impact insurance fraud

• Develop strategies to address these key areas

• Publish a White paper highlighting these discussions and recommend a fraud-fighting agenda for the next five years

The five key areas suggested for discussion included the following:

Legislation and Regulation

Public Awareness

Emerging Insurance Fraud Issues

Public / Private Partnerships

Measuring the Fraud Problem and Quantifying Results

In addition to the initial reports, the sponsoring organizations also have drafted an updated document on the progress of these issues. Click here to download a pdf file.

Sponsoring organizations reported on these five area during the annual conference of the International Association of Special Investigation Units (IASIU) in September 2002.