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Michigan Arson Achievement Award
Prosecutor of the Year
N.Y. Prosecutor of the Year
Arson Alarm Foundation

Pa. Insurance Fraud Prevention Authority — 1
Pa. Insurance Fraud Prevention Authority — 2
FBI digital billboards

Consumer Advice
Airbag fraud
Body shop fraud
Brochures, posters, DVD
Health care
NW Insurance Council — arson
Scam alerts

Crime Fairs/Fraud Expos
Idaho fraud fair
Yolo County auto fraud
Yolo County workers comp
Yolo County flyer
Yolo County fraud fair
Yolo County success
D.C. Fraud Awareness Week
S.C. Insurance News Service

Essay Contests
Idaho Fraud Awareness Coalition
Los Angeles Police
State Farm

Funding Requests
Kentucky Arson taskforce

Int'l Fraud Awareness Week
Michigan Arson Awareness Week
National Fire Prevention Week
U.S. Fire Admin — arson awareness
Australian ID theft — 1
Australian ID theft — 2

New Jersey Attorney General
Northwest Insurance Council

Organizing legislative campaign

Virginia State Police
Kentucky Arson taskforce
Nat'l Fire Protection Association
Nat'l Fire Prevention Week

News Coverage
Idaho Fraud Awareness Week
La. auto theft fraud
Texas IASIU — regular fraud
Texas IASIU — fugitive
Texas IASIU — fraud campaign
Texas IASIU — fraud trends
Texas IASIU — trends
Yolo County — preview
Auto Theft Awareness Month — 1
Auto Theft Awareness Month — 2

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Pa. Insurance Fraud Prevention Authority

IFPA online kit

Announcement of campaign

About IFPA

Consumer research

Investigating fraud in Pennsylvania

About insurance fraud

Automobile insurance fraud

Health insurance fraud

Homeowners insurance fraud

Workers comp fraud

Texas IASIU — 1
Texas IASIU — 2
U.S. Fire Administration — 1
U.S. Fire Administration — 2

News Releases/Letters to Editor
Florida — arson awareness week
Idaho Insurance Department — alert
Idaho Insurance Department — proclamation
Virginia State Police — awareness week
Iowa-Nebraska IASIU — fraud awareness
Louisiana Insurance Dept. — radio campaign
Michigan Fraud Awareness Coalition — costs
Michigan Fraud Awareness Coalition — defrauders
Michigan Fraud Awareness Coalition — letter
Michigan Fraud Awareness Coalition — advisory
Minnesota Insurance Federation — awareness week
Iowa-Nebraska IASIU — recession
New Jersey Attorney General — hotline
N.Y. Alliance — awareness campaign
South Carolina — arson
South Carolina fraud — expo
South Carolina fraud — awareness week
U.S. Fire Administration — arson awareness
D.C. — financial fraud
Yolo County — fraud fair

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FBI Jr. Special Agent
Maryland word search
Yolo County buttons

Outrageous cases
South Carolina News Service

Planning Charts
Chart — 1
Chart — 2

Poster Contests
Michigan Arson Prevention contest
Michigan Arson Prevention rules

Ky. Arson taskforce
U.S. Fire Administration

Proclamation requests
Iowa-Nebraska IASIU
Kentucky Arson taskforce
U.S. Fire Administration

U.S. Fire Administration

FBI quizzes
FBI Challenge
Delaware insurance — IQ
NAIC — Get Smart
Blue Cross — fraud FAQs
Blue Cross — fraud test
Missouri Insurance Dept. — questions
Missouri Insurance Dept. — answers

IQ Tests — Other
Are you scam bait?
General fraud
Colorado IQ test
Identity theft
Drug quiz

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Coalition Against Insurance Fraud (Facebook)
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