Prosecutor of the Year

About the Award

Convicting fraud schemers can takes months or years of intensive work that ends in a well-deserved court decision. A prosecutor’s remarkable legal skills, persistence and ability to make often-complex cases seem clear and convincing to the court are critical to success.

The Prosecutor of the Year award honors courtroom champions who possess these exceptional skills and commitment. The Coalition’s award recognizes prosecutors who contribute immensely to combating insurance fraud, encourage best practices, and help keep America safer from this crime.

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Who to nominate

Federal, state and local prosecutors are eligible ― in any line of insurance. The Coalition also may award an Honorable Mention, at its discretion.

Award Criteria

The Prosecutor of the Year Award recognizes excellence in:

• Hands-on prosecutions OR

• Broader leadership OR

• Prosecutions and leadership.

Courtroom Success

Solid convictions should’ve occurred primarily in 2018-2019. Fraud cases can focus on one scheme, a complex fraud ring, several tough cases, a notable legal strategy, or other courtroom successes.

The Coalition will consider criteria such as:

• Complexity of the case(s);

• Obstacles overcome;

• Creative courtroom tactics;

• Insurance money at stake;

• Danger to the public;

• Brazenness of the crime;

• Impact in a locale;

• Volume of convictions;

• Significance of the convictions; and

• Severity of sentences.

The Coalition will consider the total nomination, and how well the nominating organization tells the story.

One difficult case can be as compelling as several cases. Avoid ceremonial nominations such as department heads.

Co-nominees are eligible, but entire teams or departments aren’t.

Cases must be primarily U.S.-based, but can have overseas components.

Broader Leadership

The award also can honor broader leadership such as pioneering a ground-breaking legal strategy, leading a successful team or department, and volunteering time to lecture or mentor. But note: This isn’t a generalized life achievement award.

How to Enter

Packaging: You have wide discretion in preparing nominations. But the nomination should include a well-told narrative summary of the nominee’s achievements, and why the nominee merits the award.

This is an exercise in good story-telling! Back it up with facts, analysis, anecdotes and other metrics.

Exhibits are welcome. They can include news articles, data, court documents, letters of support and other material.

But note: Exhibits must be convenient to review. So avoid 80-page court decisions and the like. But summaries or copies of key sections of long documents are encouraged.

Send nominations

James Quiggle, Director of Communications OR

Coalition Against Insurance Fraud
1012 14th Street, NW Suite 200
Washington, DC 20005


Deadline for receipt: October 18, 2019

Award Judges

Winners are chosen by the Coalition’s Public Information Committee (PIC), a volunteer leadership committee of Coalition board members and other senior fraud fighters. Insurer, consumer advocates, insurance departments and other organizations sit on the committee ― it’s a broad cross section of informed opinions.


The award will be presented at the Coalition’s board meeting in December.


The Coalition will help promote the award winner(s) and organization after the presentation.


Contact Jim Quiggle at 202-393-7331.

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