25th Anniversary Membership Meeting

The Coalition's 2018 Annual Membership Meeting will be special event to celebrate our 25th anniversary. It will be held on December 13/14, 2018 at the Renaissance Arlington Capital View Hotel in Arlington, Va.

The meeting will include an update on government affairs, legal developments, public outreach and research activities. Special presentations from experts on interesting anti-fraud issues also will be featured. Among scheduled presentations:

Confessions of a criminal lawyer

An attorney who actively participated in a massive organized fraud ring will detail how he helped scam millions of dollars from workers comp and health insurers for many years.

Fraud from above

Are the outrageously high claims for air ambulance services justified? Is it just abuse? Or are these medical transport companies committing fraud. N.D. state rep. George Keiser has been probing these questions and will share his research on this emerging issue.

The State of Anti-Fraud Technology

The Coalition will unveil the latest tech report — the third in the last six years — and report on tech trends that are impacting fraud fighting.

Healthcare Fraud Prevention Partnership update

The new head of HFPP will share the latest findings of research conducted by the public/private partnership on a variety of heathcare scams.

2018 Prosecutor of the Year

One worthly candidate will be named — and the case profiled to highlight the great work prosecutors perform as important partners in the fight against fraud.

Holiday Party and Recogition Dinner

In addition to the meeting on Friday, December 14, members also are invited to a special holiday party/recognition dinner on Thursday, December 13 from 6 to 9 p.m., which will feature recognition of award winners and a special guest speaker.


Call 1-800-228-8290 or go online to reserve a guest room under Coalition Against Insurance Fraud at a special rate of $159.

Cut-off date: November 26, 2018

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