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Chair of NAIC Antifraud Task Force Elected to Executive Committee of Antifraud Coalition


Oklahoma Commissioner John Doak brings regulator viewpoint to Coalition

WASHINGTON, April 5, 2018 — Oklahoma Insurance Commissioner John D. Doak, chair of the NAIC’s Antifraud Task Force, has been named to the executive committee of the Coalition Against Insurance Fraud. He was elected unanimously to the position.

“John Doak brings a valuable dual viewpoint to the Coalition’s mission, both as a state insurance regulator and national anti-fraud leader. This partnership adds a valuable dimension to the Coalition’s work as the united voice of insurers, government agencies and consumers,” said Coalition Executive Director Dennis Jay.

Doak is serving a second straight year as chair of the NAIC’s Antifraud Task Force. He testified about insurance fraud issues to a U.S. Senate committee in 2017. Doak also has hosted the National Tornado Summit since 2012. It’s an annual disaster-preparedness conference for insurance professionals, emergency managers and insurance regulators, and includes best practices for fighting disaster fraud. Doak also hosts a series of fraud conferences across Oklahoma every year to teach seniors how to avoid being scammed.

“I’ve always been passionate about protecting consumers from fraud,” said Doak. “I am extremely grateful for this opportunity to further those efforts. Through education, collaboration and common sense policies, I look forward to finding solutions to reduce insurance fraud and costs for both consumers and insurers.”

Doak’s position as chair of the NAIC’s Antifraud Task Force gives him a lead voice on matters related to insurance fraud. The leadership group brings a 360-degree national perspective on fraud issues to the state commissioners and anti-fraud community as a whole.

The task force identifies emerging fraud trends around the U.S. and ensures state insurance departments are fully informed to help enable timely responses. The task force also coordinates with state, federal and international law enforcement in addressing anti-fraud issues.

The Coalition’s Executive Committee is the organization’s leading policymaking panel. It focuses on strategy development and oversees major anti-fraud activities. The 12-member committee includes an equal number of board members representing public interest and for-profit organizations.

Dennis Jay, executive director