News release

Florida fraud fighters urged to push senators on AOB reform


Two bills in the Florida Senate addressing fraud and abuse in assigning insurance benefits — one good one and one not so good — are the focus of an intense lobbying campaign by fraud fighters in the state.

Two anti-fraud groups — the Coalition Against Insurance Fraud and the International Association of SIUs — are urging fraud fighters to contact their senators to support SB 62 and kill SB1168, which would do little to curb AOB abuse.

“Assignment-of-benefit abuse continues on its costly path in Florida. Now is your time time to support needed reforms. We must control contractors and attorneys who are defrauding homeowners — and insurers,” the Coalition said in a statement

The inflated repair claims and frivolous attorney lawsuits have reached a crisis tipping point. Insurers can’t work with homeowners to settle claims fairly … and accurately. Cases cannot be settled due to Florida’s one-way attorney-fee system. Homeowner premiums are projected to keep skyrocketing.

The Florida House has overwhelmingly passed a bill with meaningful reforms. The Senate so far has failed to take up a companion bill.

Fraud fighters are urged to contact their state senators to support meaningful AOB reform. They can do so using the grassroots contact system sponsored by the two groups at