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As the leading voice on insurance fraud issues, the Coalition is a sought-after source for the news media. Below is a sample of articles and broadcasts featuring Coalition representatives. Click on the headline to view the article.




PROPERTY CASUALTY360: The Coalition Against Insurance Fraud appoints new leader

SUNSENTINEL: More arrests to come in crackdown on drug-recovery industry, prosecutor vows

YAHOO NEWS!: Unsecured medical images are an underrated threat to patients



CLAIMS JOURNAL: Coalition Against Insurance Fraud: Top 9 Insurance Scammers of 2018

PROPERTY CASUALTY 360: Welcome to the Hall of Shame

CLAIMS JOURNAL: Business People: FRISS, Cross Country Adjusting, Freeborn & Peters

YAHOO! FINANCE: Alliance enhances insurance fraud investigation unit with recruitment of Ex-Metropolitan police detectives


CLAIMS JOURNAL: How engineering fraud inspired birth of the American Policyholder Association

CLAIMS JOURNAL: N.Y. high court: insurer that reported fraud immune from defamation suit

KING 5: Seattle-area foot clinics under state investigation for alleged 'kickback' scheme

CLAIMS JOURNAL: N.Y. High Court: Insurer that reported fraud immune from defamation suit


BLOOMBERG LAW: Hospitals eyeing efficiency get wish list in fraud law proposals

HEALTH LEADERS: Medicare fraudsters now tap telemedicine in medical equipment scams

AXIOS: Telemedicine has enabled new forms of Medicaid fraud

KAISER HEALTH NEWS: Medicare fraudsters now tap telemedicine in medical equipment scams


BUZZFEED: Insurance companies are paying cops to investigate their own customers


NEWS CHANNEL 13: Watching out for insurance fraud

PENSACOLA VOICE: The impact of insurance fraud in the United States

LIFE ANNUITY SPECIALIST: The 'wearables' revolution is coming ...with fraudsters close behind

INSURANCE JOURNAL: Louisiana law strengthens policyholder choice of auto repair shops


CLAIMS JOURNAL: N.Y. high court sides with carriers in sham owner case

PROPERTY CASUALTY 360: Believe it or not: 10 of the craziest claims of 2018

ORLANDO SENTINEL: Fact or Fake: Was 1 in every 4 pedestrian accident in Florida last year faked?

YAHOO FINANCE: Beware these dental scams that can bite you hard

MONEY WISE: Beware these dental scams that can bite you hard


PROPERTY CASUALTY 360: Imposter scams top the list of 2018 consumer fraud complaints

INSURANCE-CANADA.CA: FRISS joins Coalition Against Insurance Fraud

RISK MANAGEMENT: Insurers Turn to Anti-Fraud Tech


AUTOBODY NEWS: Reducing the Cost of Fraudulent Auto Claims

PROPERTY CASUALTY 360: Insurance industry reacts to Florida Senate 'AOB' practice overhaul approval

INSURANCENEWSNET: Coalition: Reforms of Assigned Benefits a Victory for Long-Abused Homeowners in Florida

COURIER TIMES: After charges, Liberation Way to close its doors

DIGITAL INSURANCE: Insurers' anti-fraud tech budgets on the rise

BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE SOLUTIONS REVIEW: Insurers are flocking toward advanced analytics, here’s why

COLLISION WEEK: Study shows insurers adopting predictive analytics and AI to combat insurance fraud


FRAUD TALKS: Digitization and the focus on fraud fighting

INSURANCENEWSNET: Study: More insurers adopt advanced analytics to combat growing insurance fraud

CLAIMS JOURNAL: Survey finds carriers turning to analytics to fight growth in fraud

CLAIMS JOURNAL: Insurers and others urges Supreme Court to limit assignment of benefits

CONNECTICUT LAW TRIBUNE: State Cases, Legislation Across Nation May Have Broad Impact on Fraud

PROPERTY CASUALTY 360: New legislation could affect cybersecurity, counterfeit airbags & storm chasers


CITY LAB: Did AOC’s questions on Trump’s real estate vaaluations unlock his tax returns?

FORBES: Can AI Cure What Ails Health Insurance?

CLEVELAND 19: Con artists preying on Northeast Ohio addicts trying to get clean

NORTH JERSEY: Lawsuit: NY car crash victims were sent to NJ surgery center, forcing them to pay more

RARE: Watch: Man Caught Faking His Fall Before Filing Insurance Claim


PROPERTY CASUALTY 360: Bad faith poses new liability for insurers

CLAIMS JOURNAL: CAIF files amicus brief in Keodalah case

PROPERTY CASUALTY 360: Fraud of the Month: Politicians misappropriate insurance proceeds

AZ FAMILY: Insurance companies using social media to catch fraudulent claims

PROPERTY CASUALTY 360: Legal team takes down a $550-million Social Security disability scheme

JOURNAL-NEWS: Butler County’s prosecutor used tech as evidence in these 2 unique cases to earn national recognition

INSURANCE JOURNAL: States Surprised with Burst of Insurance Fraud-Related Legislation in 2018



CLAIMS JOURNAL: Coalition Against Insurance Fraud: Top 9 Insurance Scammers Of 2018

INSURANCE BUSINESS: HS principal learns hard lesson in insurance fraud

PROPERTY CASUALTY 360: Meet the newest members of the 2018 Insurance Fraud Hall of Shame

INSURANCE JOURNAL: Insurance Fraud Hall of Shame Inducts 9 Scammers

BUSINESSWIRE: Insurance Fraud Grinches: 9 Most-Brazen Insurance Scammers of 2018


GOVERNMENT EXECUTIVE: Is Investing in Fraud Prevention a Smart Financial Decision?

SPLINTER: It's Insurance Scam Season, Now and Forever

POLICY GENIUS: How to avoid buying scam health insurance

INSURANCE JOURNAL: 2018 Record Year for Anti-Fraud Legislation

NYAAIF SEGMENT: Painkiller fraud

U.S. News: How to avoid Medicare scams

WBRC: Open enrollment for healthcare a breeding ground for scammers

SALON: Making it easier for doctors to further drive up health care costs

CONSUMER AFFAIRS: FTC halts alleged health insurance marketing scam

THE NEW YORK TIMES: Sales of ‘Ruinous’ Health Insurance Plans

MODERN HEALTHCARE: FTC gets 'Trumpcare' health plan shut down


NJ SPOTLIGHT: OP-ED: Insurance scammers will be the winners if this fair-conduct law is enacted

PROPERTY CASUALTY 360: Beware of bad-faith liability

JERSEY SHORE ONLINE: Residents urged to report insurance fraud

CLAIMS JOURNAL: Contractors Prey on Hurricane, Wildfire Victims After Disasters


PROPERTY CASUALTY 360: Home arsons are fiery family affairs in West Virginia

TRACE INTERNATIONAL: Podcast: Bribe, Swindle or Steal


MODERN HEALTHCARE: States draw sharp limits on association health plans

FEDERAL NEWS RADIO: The many ways fraudsters can use your insurance against you


OPEN MINDS: New complications in the complex world of health insurance

REWARD EXPERT: Coalition Against Insurance Fraud Urges Seniors to Avoid Medicare Scams

PROPERTY CASUALTY360: Flames, floods engulf Florida homes in adjuster’s $14M plot

PROPERTY CASUALTY360: Courts to determine allowable evidence for suits involving insurance claims


COURIER & PRESS: Consumer Watchdog: With new Medicare cards arriving, watch for these new scams

FAST COMPANY: Insurers turn to artificial intelligence in war on fraud

MODERN HEALTHCARE: Fraud fears rise as feds expand access to association health plans

NEW YORK TIMES: New Trump Rule Rolls Back Protections of the Affordable Care Act

PALM BEACH POST: Aronberg wins insurance fraud award for sober-homes task force 

PROPERTY CASUALTY 360: Fraud of the month: Skydiving trip leads to attempted-murder

PROPERTY CASUALTY 360: Around the P&C insurance industry: June 13, 2018

WPRI: House Committee passes bill targeting fraudulent airbags

BLOOMBERG BNA: White House meets stakeholders on small business health rule

CLAIMS JOURNAL: Florida State Attorney Earns CAIF’s top prosecutor national award

CBS 11: North Texas arson investigators forecasting increase in car fraud fires


THE WASHINGTON POST: Maryland took a step to protect vulnerable, young lives. Other states should follow suit How the Digital World Is Transforming Insurance Businesses

ROLLING STONE: Better Call Cohen: The Shady Cases of a Trump Lawyer's Personal Injury Practice

THE SELF-INSURER: Cause and Effect?


BLOOMBERG LAW: Association Health Plans: Will Trump Proposal Invite Repeat Crime Wave?

CONSUMER AFFAIRS: Scammers are targeting seniors receiving new Medicare cards

DIGITAL INSURANCE: Opinion Weekly Wrapup: Regulators and insurers' 2018 tech plans go hand-in-hand

CLAIMS JOURNAL: People News: Kemper, Choice Solutions Services, Coalition Against Insurance Fraud

TULSA WORLD: Political notebook: President Trump's popularity fading in Oklahoma

NEWSOK: Oklahoma business briefs

INSURANCE JOURNAL: Antifraud Group Adds Oklahoma Insurance Commissioner to Executive Committee

WORKCOMP CENTRAL: Suing Premium Schemers Ears Paycheck


ELLIOTT: Don’t fall for these disaster insurance scams!

THE POST AND COURIER: Staged car crashes a growing menace in South Carolina

BLOOMBERG LAW: Small Employer Health Plan Proposal Ripe for Fraud, Groups Say

THINK ADVISOR: Let the DOL Oversee Association Health Plans? No Way

SALON: Trumpcare 2.0: Let companies sell useless insurance

PROPERTY CASUALTY: Selling crash report data maynot be legal


TIME MONEY: This College Student Was Charged $17,850 for a Drug Test She Didn’t Need

DELMARVA NOW: Ambulance firm, PRMC under federal Medicare fraud investigation

CNN: A $17,850 urine test: Industry boom amid opioid epidemic

THE WASHINGTON POST: Pain Hits After Surgery When A Doctor’s Daughter Is Stunned By $17,850 Urine Test

NEW YORK DAILY NEWS: Thieves target health insurance policy numbers

NPR: An Out-Of-Network Lab, An Elaborate Urine Test And Then A Surprise Bill

BLOOMBERG BNA: Are Association Health Plans a Valentine for Small Employers?

READING EAGLE: Pennsylvania's drug treatment industry is growing rapidly and it raises concerns

READING EAGLE: Auto insurance fraud is rising in Pennsylvania

PROPERTY CASUALTY 360: People on the move in the P&C insurance industry

NPR: Florida Bill Seeks to Stop Arrests Of Injured Immigrant Workers

CLAIMS JOURNAL: Insurance Fraud Attorney Tapped to Lead Coalition’s Government Affairs Efforts

CLAIMS JOURNAL: Insurance Fraud Hall of Shame: 9 of the Worst Scammer of 2017

WIVB: No-fault auto insurance fraud driing up premiums, industry officials say


PROPERTY CASUALTY 360: Software robots: New members of the fraud investigation workforce




PROPERTY CASUALTY 360: Capturing insurance's most wanted fraudsters

PALM BEACH POST: Post reporters win anti-fraud coalition's award for sober home coverage

OC BREEZE: OCDA prosecutor Shaddi Kamiabipour honored as Prosecutor of the Year OCDA prosecutor Shaddi Kamiabipour honored as Prosecutor of the Year

PROPERTY CASUALTY 360: Crime doesn't pay for the newest members of the Hall of Shame


DALLAS MORNING NEWS: Potent pain creams that sold for up to $28K caused deaths, cost government millions

NEW YORK POST: HS principal could be saving thousands thanks to shady relationship

CONSTRUCTION DIVE: Fl contractor arrested for $1M workers' comp fraud

BUSINESS INSURANCE: Expensive health care, uncertainty drive workers to cheap comp system

FIRST COAST NEWS: The drill on how to save money at the dentist

SUNSENTINEL: Dodgy compounded-drug makers must be monitored better


LEXOLOGY: Shrinking Damages with Smart Data

PEW TRUSTS: Tracking down ‘Most Wanted’ insurance fraud suspects

PROPERTY CASUALTY 360: Kentucky legislature overlooks examinations under oath

INSIDE BIG DATA: AL Poised to revolutionize insurance industry

PROPERTY CASUALTY 360: Cosmetic surgery fraud is more than skin deep


INTELLIGENT INSURER: Applying miltary-grade intelligence to a multi-billion dollar fraud problem

HISPANICIZE WIRE: 7 ways Latino homeowners can avoid contractor cons after Hurricanes Harvey and Irma

PROPERTY CASUALTY 360: The death of privacy Putting your home in someone else's hands? How to find a contractor

PROPERTY CASUALTY 360: Arsonist finds crime doesn't pay, receives 23 years to life

PROPERTY CASUALTY 360: Finding fraud after Hurricane Harvey

BROWNSVILLE HERALD: Avoiding Scammers: 5 Tips for Hiring a Roofing Contractor

CASWELL MESSENGER: Avoiding Scammers: 5 Tips for Hiring a Roofing Contractor

CBS NEWS: Playing a risky game: people who fake death for big money Playing a risky game: people who fake death for big money

HUFFPOST: What is a public insurance adjuster and why you may need one after a storm

POLICY GENIUS: What happens if your life insurance beneficiary murders you? Do they still get paid?

NERDWALLET: Beware scam artists in disaster's wake

NASDAQ: Beware scam artists in disaster's wake

BLF: Florida to review law that puts injured undocumented workers at risk of deportation

PROPERTY CASUALTY 360: Using smart technology to combat insurance fraud


INSURANCE QUOTES: What is a public insurance adjuster and why you may need one after a storm

CBS NEWS: Will Houston find enough workers to rebuild after Harvey?

CBS NEWS: Long road to recovery for storm victims

ProPublica: Florida lawmakers are reviewing a law targeting undocumented workers injured on the job

WAMU: Florida lawmakers are reviewing a law targeting undocumented workers injured on the job

PACIFIC STANDARD: Florida lawmakers are reviewing a law targeting undocumented workers injured on the job

INSURANCE BUSINESS: State lawmakers to review law targeting injured undocumented workers

INSURANCE JOURNAL: Insurance fraud following catastrophes an unwelcome trend, Oklahoma’s Doak tells U.S. Senators

CLAIMS JOURNAL: Stakeholders examine insurance fraud issues during federal hearing

DALLAS NEWS: Local doctors sue Plano company claiming that it failed to recoup millions from insurers

July Workers’ comp fraud busts

KFBK-AM RADIO: Staged crashes podcast

POLICY GENIUS: Avoid getting burned by these summer insurance scams

PROPERTY CASUALTY 360: How you can combat insurance agent fraud

ARGUS LEADER: Lawsuit probers mercenary doctors who deny injury claims

NEWS BLAZE: The high cost of insurance fraud in America


CLICK ORLANDO: Windshield scammers targeting Casselberry residents, police say

NEWS CHANNEL 4: Summer insurance scams consumers should be aware of

BUSINESS INSURANCE: Claims experts use data analytics to combat workers comp fraud


WBUR: What could be done to prevent insurance-related murders

THE WASHINGTON POST: Too many children are killed for insurance money. Here's how states can stop it.

MOBILE BUSINESS INSIGHTS: How insurance companies can boost customer retention with mobile innovation

OXYGEN: Report: Children are killed for insurance money in alarming numbers

THE WASHINGTON POST: Lessons from a child's tragic death


CLAIMS JOURNAL: People News: Auto-owners, concord general, CAIF

PROPERTY CASUALTY 360: How construction cons steal workers' comp premiums: It's a shell game

CBS MONEYWATCH: Your auto insurance may pay for someone’s $10,000 massage therapy Pioneering Cincinnati lawyer chases tougher fraud laws

CLAIMS JOURNAL: Status of 2017 anti-fraud legislation around the nation


PROPERTY CASUALTY 360: Fraud is not a costs of doing business - and emerging tech is here to prove it

THE LEGAL INTELLIGENCER: The 'Gig' economy in court and its effects on Monday's "American Law Journal" Case Update - CA janitorial co owner enters guilty plea in multi-million dollar premium and tax fraud case

EFFINGTON DAILY NEWS: CAIF raises awareness of medical identity theft

SANGAMON SUN: Catching workers' comp fraud benefits consumers, businesses


WATE: Roane County woman warns not to fall for Medicare scam


KGO RADIO: Michael Finney podcasts

SUN-SENTINEL: People on the Move: Attorneys, judge, receive Florida Bar President's pro bono service awards

BUSINESS INSURANCE: Insurance fraud Hall of Shame announced

FINANCIAL ADVISOR: Insurance fraud schemes that led to death, starvation

TIMELINE: Jumping in front of cars for insurance money helped some 1920s immigrants achieve the American Dream

MY PALM BEACH POST: South Florida doctor among ‘8 worst insurance criminals’ of 2016

BLOOMBERG QUINT: Payfone raises $23.5 million from investors including BlueCross



SPB: Jeff Atwater: Arrest made in $100,000 fraud against Citizens Insurance

INSURANCE JOURNAL: Unlicensed Miami public adjuster arrested for $100K water claims scam

PROPERTY CASUALTY 360: Technology is one more tool in the fraud toolbox

REALESTATERAMA: Unlicensed Miami public adjuster arrested for $100K water claims scam

PYMNTS: Blockchain Tracker: wine, diamonds, and IBM

PROPERTY CASUALTY 360: 9 fraudsters join the Hall of Shame

STANDARD EXAMINER: South Ogden woman charged with insurance fraud after Jeep found in ravine

CLAIMS JOURNAL: As insurance fraud surges insurers fight back by automating detection

INSURANCE NETWORKING NEWS: Insurers looking closer at social to detect fraud


YDR: Scam artists cast many lures in York County

FIERCE HEALTHCARE: Special Report: 4 ways Trump's win could affect the fight against healthcare fraud


PARENT HERALD: Atlanta doctor sent to prison after a false claims

HUFFINGTON POST: Insurance fraud bankrolls America’s opioid epidemic

PROPERTY CASUALTY 360: 5 ways to know your auto glass claim isn’t fraudulent

WORKERS COMPENSATION: Illinois workers' compensation fraud investigations

PROPERTY CASUALTY 360: Around the P&C insurance industry: Oct. 5, 2016

HISTORIC CITY NEWS: Financial and insurance fraud can be avoided


PROPERTY CASUALTY 360: 4 ways technology is disrupting fraud

NEWSOK: Fake accidents cost insurance industry billions each year, experts say


CONSUMER REPORTS: The rise of medical identity theft

YAHOO! NEWS: The rise of medical identity theft

THE NEW YORK TIMES: How Staten Island’s drug problem made it a target for poaching patients

MONEY TALKS NEWS: How to avoid being a victim of auto insurance fraud

CLAIMS MAGAZINE: Group introduces app to help fight insurance fraud

LINCOLN JOURNAL STAR: Opioid abusers range from day laborers to doctors

OMAHA WORLD-HERALD: Insurance fraud: 'It’s all over the place,' and you should care about it, officials say

HOUSTON PRESS: When dental surgery lands a patient in a world of everlasting regret

July Bamboozled: Could your auto insurance policy be a fake? Homeowners beware of shoddy workers

MANAGED CARE: Boosting a drug's market share can cross a dangerous line

CLAIMS JOURNAL: Anti-Fraud Groups Support EUOs Without Court Order in Kentucky

EAST VALLEY TRIBUNE: Land of the cracked windshields: Flying rocks and debris fracture drivers' patience

LOUISIANA RECORD: Attorney General Landry fighting workers comp fraud with recent arrest

BODYSHOP BUSINESS: New App Helps Fight Insurance Fraud

PROPERTY CASUALTY 360: Group introduces app to help fight insurance fraud


AMBEST: Anti-fraud Coalition asks Texas court to side with Allstate over billings claims

INSURANCE JOURNAL: New insurance fraud fighting laws in effect in Minnesota

CLAIMS JOURNAL: Fraud Coalition urges Texas high court to let insurers prove fraud

PROPERTY CASUALTY 360: Social media is a tool to fight insurance fraud

DETROIT FREE PRESS: Michigan legislature crafts opioid bils to stem addiction


BANKRATE: 5 dental scams that really bite

COLLISONWEEK: Maryland makes selling and installing fake airbags a crime

MONEYGEEK: Local police fight auto insurance fraud


PROPERTY CASUALTY 360: 10 outrageous frauds that failed

PROPERTY CASUALTY 360: Overcoming workers' comp fraud with detection technology


CLAIMS JOURNAL: New York inspector general named ‘Fraud Fighter of the Year’

WORKERSCOMPENSATION. com: Inspector General in New York named “Fraud Fighter of the Year”

PROPERTY CASUALTY 360: 10 red flags that could signal a fraudulent Auto claim

AUTO INSURANCE: Walking a fine line with soft fraud detection

PROPERTY CASUALTY 360: Walking a fine line with soft fraud detection

AUTOMOTIVE NEWS: Walking a fine line with soft fraud detection

PALM BEACH POST: Your friends could soon be the key to cheaper insurance Can behavioral economics make people more honest? (and help cut your insurance rates)

February 'Nebraska's not immune': Insurance thieves set the stage for fraud

WiOD: Local police fight auto insurance fraud Faking It: How you can avoid being setup in a staged
vehicle accident Faking It: How you're the victim of health insurance fraud

January How to fight medical identitiy theft

INSURANCE NEWS NET: A.M. BestTV: Insurers step up their fraud defenses

WAVE3NEWS: A.M. BestTV: Insurers step up their fraud defenses

FEDERAL NEWS RADIO: The Insurance Fraud Hall of Shame – 1/17/16 Tell Mel: Rebates and benefits: Beware of fraud

A.M. BEST: Insurers step up their fraud defenses

LIFEHEALTHPRO: Massive health insurance scheme earns inclusion in latest class of Insurance Fraud Hall of Shame

WYOMING NEWS: Drake: Show phone scammers you’re not gonna take it

YAHOO! FINANCE: How to fight medical identity theft

BIG NEWS NETWORK: Insurance Fraud Hall of Shame Reveals 2015 Inductees



CONSUMER INSURANCE GUIDE: The top 12 dumbest insurance fraud cases: Our annual roundup

INSURANCE JOURNAL: Insurance Fraud Hall of Shame Reveals 2015 Inductees

INSURANCE & FINANCIAL ADVISOR: Phila. prosecutor recognized for work on $400K insurance fraud scheme 2015 U.S. Insurance Fraud Hall of Shame

THE FREE LIBRARY: People on the move in the P&C insurance industry

INSURANCE INNOVATION REPORTER: Scum and Villainy: The annual insurance fraud Hall of Shame

WORKERSCOMPENSATION. com: Janitorial company for major hotels hides hundreds of employees; owners indicted for $7 million insurance fraud and tax evasion

PROPERTY CASUALTY 360: People on the move in the P&C insurance industry

THE STANDARD: Breaking up major slip-and-fall ring earns Linda Montag Prosecutor of the Year award

BENEFITS PRO: Meet the 2015 Insurance Fraud Hall of Shame inductees

MEDIDFRAUD: Medical ID theft going mobile?

PROPERTY CASUALTY 360: Meet the 2015 Insurance Fraud Hall of Shame inductees


MyStatesman: Surgical monitoring firms receiving scrutiny for doctor deals

INSURANCE BUSINESS: Halloween horror story plot for life insurance

INSURANCE BUSINESS: Lawyers claim Geico turning to civil courts to avoid payments

LIFEHEALTHPRO: The most terrifying acts of life insurance fraud

BOSTON GLOBE: Geico turns to civil suits in bid to fight fraud

PROPERTY CASUALTY 360: The Cartel Connection: Linking insurance fraud, drug cartels and terrorism


PROPERTY CASUALTY 360: New study to provide benchmarking data on anti-fraud efforts

U.S. NEWS: How to protect yourself against common medicare scams


NEWS4JAX: Windshield repair scheme

LOS ANGELES TIMES: Healthcare watch: How to avoid becoming a victim of Medicare fraud

PROPERTY CASUALTY 360: From Pasha to Prisoner: The Story of Mikhail Zemlyansky


INSURANCE & FINANCIAL ADVISOR: NJ insurance laws adds criminal penalties for falsely registering cars in other states

PROPERTY CASUALTY 360: Up in flames: Failing businesses think fraud is the answer

INSURANCE JOURNAL: Kentucky's revised accident victim anti-solicitation law under fire, again


WNY Living: Consumers warned about staged crashes, crooked agents in NY

BALTIMORE SUN: Local hospital, doctor named in lawsuit over fake surgical hardware


CLAIMS JOURNAL: New law in Minnesota add more anti-fraud measures

INSURANCE JOURNAL: New insurance fraud fighting laws in effect in Minnesota Bamboozled: Could N.J. be the next victim of this growing car insurance fraud scheme

AARP: New Medicare scams spread across U.S.

MANAGED CARE: Confronting the epidemic of opioid overdoses


BOING BOING: How police punish impoverished victims of car insurance scams

THE INTERCEPT: The insurance scam that's fleecing low-income drivers - and how people are making it worse


CRONKITE NEWS: Arizona, Florida busiest states for windshield insurance claims

BALTIMORE SUN: Owner of imaging firm linked to patient deaths in indictment

PICAYUNE LEADER: Owner of imaging firm linked to patient deaths in indictment

NERDWALLET: How fraudulent claims affect auto insurance quotes


LIVE INSURANCE NEWS: Law in New Jersey aims to curb auto insurance fraud

PROPERTY CASUALTY 360: Kentucky targets auto crash rings with new law

INSURANCE JOURNAL: Lawmakers likely to try again to reform Michigan's no-fault system

PROPERTY CASUALTY 360: Auto insurance fraud is about to become a crime in New Jersey

CLAIMS JOURNAL: New York AG Prosecutor of the Year by fraud association

THE ZEBRA: Are you guilty of car insurance fraud?

INSURANCE JOURNAL: Anti-Insurance fraud measures needed in Minnesota and Michigan

FAST COMPANY: Why the anthem security breach was such a wake-up call for the health industry


CAPITAL GAZETTE: Medicaid fraud team investigates Maryland group home operator

BALTIMORE SUN: Medicaid fraud team investigates Maryland group home operator

FOX BUSINESS: The true cost of auto insurance fraud - How we all pay in increased premiums

BANKRATE: 5 dental scams that really bite

INSURANCE NEWS NET: GEICO applauds states taking on insurance fraud in 2015

DAILY PRESS: Watch out for ‘Slippin’ Jimmy’

PROPERTY CASUALTY 360: Towed away: Scammers make victims pay dearly

PROPERTY CASUALTY 360: Auto insurance fraud is not a crime ... yet

CBS NEWS: Investigators combing social media to expose insurance scams

WFMY NEWS: Investigators mine social media to expose insurance schemes

INSURANCE NETWORKING NEWS: You can't make this stuff up: The worst cases of insurance fraud in 2014


CLAIMS JOURNAL: Worst insurance fraud scams of 2014

PROPERTY CASUALTY 360: The top 10 consumer scams of 2014

INSURANCE NEWS NET: Voice of the Consumer: Insurance scams happen on the road too

THE GAZETTE: Voice of the Consumer: Insurance scams happen on the road too

CLAIMS JOURNAL: Prosecutor of the Year Award goes to Colorado duo who cracked fraud scam

LIFEHEALTH: 9 extremest schemers of 2015 elected to Insurance Fraud Hall of Shame

PROPERTY CASUALTY 360: Around the Industry: January 9, 2015



PROPERTY CASUALTY 360: The 2014 insurance fraud hall of shame


NEW YORK TIMES: Long-in-the-tooth dental advice


PROPERTY CASUALTY: Here's how technology is being used to fight insurance fraud

NERD WALLET: How can insurance fraud be prevented?

FIERCE HEALTH PAYER: 'Friendly fraud' factors heavily in medical identity theft


VOX: How to avoid getting ripped off by dentist

GREEN INDUSTRY PROS: Protect yourself from workers’ compensation fraud and risks

WASHINGTON POST: A Medicare scam that just kept rolling

WASHINGTON POST: Staged collisions a 'catalyst' for larger insurance fraud

FOX BUSINESS: How to spot and prevent medical identity theft


CBC NEWS CANADA: Staged collisions a 'catalyst' for larger insurance fraud

PROPERTY CASUALTY: More courts need to hear from insurers about how fraud affects them

NBC WASHINGTON: Many vehicular arson cases difficult to solve

PROPERTY CASUALTY: The Big Rip-Off: Top 5 strategies of insurance fraudsters


NET QUOTE: A Medicare scam that just kept rolling


CLAIMS JOURNAL: Colorado stiffens fraud penalties

CLAIMS JOURNAL: Louisiana legislation deflates airbag cons

BENEFITS PRO: Fast-rising medical ID theft hits employers hard

INSURANCE NEWS NET: A Medicare scam that just kept rolling

Geraldo Rivera Radio Program: Interview on disability fraud with Dennis Jay


CBS 5: Medically-retired Mesa cop collecting worker's comp is Ironman athlete

INSURANCENEWSNET.COM: Phone in fraud case from Bahamas? Maryland venue bill still can allow prosecutors


THE FISCAL TIMES: Don't get conned on long-term care

FOX BUSINESS: Scam Watch: Long-term care insurance

INSURANCE & TECHNOLOGY: Fighting Fraud in Real Time: 3 recommendations


CBS 58: Fighting Fraud: A bottom line specialrReport

WICHITA EAGLE: Thieves target health insurance policy numbers

CONTRA COSTA TIMES: Having your financial identity stolen is awful. Having your medical identity stolen is worse

WASHINGTON POST: How to protect yourself from medical identity fraud. A first step: Don’t tweet health issues.


CONSUMER EAGLE: Consumers warned of Obamacare scams

INSURANCE NETWORKING NEWS: Fraud Detection: A method to the data source madness; insurers, including Nationwide, CNA and MetLife, are leveraging a rowing number of data sources and applying high-performance analytics to help detect patterns of fraud as early as possible.

INSURANCE NETWORKING NEWS: The 2013 Insurance Fraud Hall of Shame Grand Jury indicts San Diego employers for unemployment & workers' comp fraud



FOX BUSINESS: Will the body shop cut you a deal?


BELLINGHAM HERALD: Seeking health coverage? Avoid scammers


TIMES DISPATCH: Medical identity theft a growing risk

SAUK VALLEY: Medical identity theft is fast-growing and dangerous

FORBES: How to use big data to fight financial fraud

MSN NEWS: Medical identity theft is fast-growing and dangerous

BANKRATE: Beware of identity theft tied to Obamacare

SAN DIEGO SOURCE: Affordable Care Act brings benefits, fraudsters

WEBMD: Beware of Affordable Care Act Scammers Leaders warn of fraud related to Affordable Care Act

LEGAL SHRED: Medical identity theft is fast-growing and dangerous

CNN MONEY: Buyer beware, news health insurance exchanges create opportunity for scammers

PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER: Beware of health-insurance scams under ACA

ABC7NEWS: 7 On Your Side: Warning about Obamacare


CNS NEWS: Obamascare: Scams Related to Health Care Expected to Rise

BENSALEM PATCH: How to avoid staged car accidents

WTOP: As Obamacare approaches, swindlers take notice

SAN ANTONIO EXPRESS-NEWS: Obamacare scams preying on public

CHARLESTON DAILY MAIL: Wheelchair scams expose Medicare's weak defenses against fraud

FISCAL TIMES: Billions Blown on Power Wheelchairs in Medicare Scam

HISPANIC BUSINESS: Scammers Prey On Health-care Confusion

PROPERTY CASUALTY: Who You Gonna Call?: Insurers aim to bust
Ghost-Brokering Practice

FOX BUSINESS: How to spot and prevent medical identity theft

EXAMINER: Congressman convicted of using his insurance agency money to run for congress


BANKRATE: 6 shadiest auto insurance fraud schemes

FOX BUSINESS: Where the insurance cheaters are

THE CHRONICLE: Obamacare phone calls may well be scammers

INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS TIMES: Obamacare Implementation: A golden opportunity for con artists

SACRAMENTO BEE: Scams feed on health care law

NEW HAMPSHIRE UNION LEADER: `Doctor shopping' is a `daily problem'

THE STREET: Where the insurance cheaters are

PROPERTY CASUALTY: Organized, violent criminal empires target insurers

LOS ANGELES TIMES: National healthcare reform sparks concern about scams


FOX BUSINESS: Tweets & Facebook posts that ruin insurance claims

BANKRATE: `Obama-snares': 4 bad health care reform scams

NASDAQ: Tweets & Facebook posts that ruin insurance claims

BANKRATE: Faked deaths and other life insurance fraud

FOX BUSINESS: The 'Undead' and other life insurance fraud

PIERCE COUNTY HERALD: Editorial: Watch out for contractor, mortgage scams

EXAMINER: Amputation and insurance fraud


NEWS 4 JAX: Insurance fraud costing all of us $80 billion a year

JS ONLINE: Scammers using Affordable Care Act to pry out information

CUMBERLAND TIMES-NEWS: Maryland promotes arson awareness

THE SACRAMENTO BEE: CalPERS seeking to catch errors, fraud in health enrollment Trozan: Time to protect yourself from insurance scams as reforms progress

DALLAS MORNING NEWS: Scammers prey on consumers' confusion about health care overhaul

INSURANCE JOURNAL: Group says new Maryland law slams door on rebates by shady contractors


THE DETROIT NEWS: Letter: Beware auto insurance fraud in Michigan

YAHOO NEWS: No-fault auto insurance states explore reform

PROPERTY CASUALTY: Using ERM techniques to mitigate fraud

NPR: Scammers find fertile ground in health law

FOX NEWS: Alleged scammers burn Miami-Dade fire department from within

VEGAS INC: Scamming the system: The rising cost of health care fraud

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