2012 Insurance Fraud

Hall of Shame

Quick... Lock your front door and hide. America's most brazen, vicious or klutzy insurance crooks have been elected to the Insurance Fraud Hall of Shame.

Welcome to the No-Class of 2012...They’re America’s newest pharaohs of fraud. All were convicted or had other legal closure last year.

The Hall of Shame puts a human face on insurance fraud. These Barons of Bleak show that fraud is more than a victimless crime. Victims suffer despair and depression. Some are wounded or die. Families are broken up. Children lose parents. Seniors lose their life savings. Our insurance premiums rise.

So enter the online cellblock. Feel outrage, get mad. Even laugh — a little — at the klutziest of the cons. But always, resolve to fight back. With committed action by honest Americans everywhere, these misfits and mea-culprits will never make us One Nation, Under Fraud.

Firefighters hurt in arson building collapse

hassidsDetroit firefighter Brian Baulch didn’t remember the bricks raining down on him amid the inferno of a blazing two-story office building.

He was knocked unconscious. The hail of debris broke his nose and both feet, six ribs, his pelvis and six vertebrae.

He was the lucky one.

Fellow firefighter Brendan Milewski was paralyzed. They were among seven injured firefighters trapped and injured in a fire set by Calvin Jones and a crony to steal insurance money. Read full story

williamcraigmillerCrooks fingered for sawing Porky’s hand

Porky only dimly grasped what David Player and Gerald “Trey” Hardin wanted to do: saw off his right hand for $671,000 in homeowners and disability insurance money.

Porky literally gave them a helping hand.

The insurance scheme was a betrayal of what the Sumter County, S.C. man thought was a deep friendship with Player, who strung him along to set up the con. Read full story

Smelly sinus ploys buy nose doc’s luxury life

rooferMark Weinberger had a nose for money.

That figured. His sinus practice lured hundreds of anxious patients seeking his supposedly healing touch. But instead of curing them, the Chicago-area man raked in millions of dollars with a factory-line practice of worthless surgeries that carved a trail of harmed and distraught patients.

Bogus insurance billings fueled much of Weinberger’s binge.

The Ivy League-educated specialist advised nearly every patient he saw just on their first appointment to have a sinus-related surgery, whether they needed the procedure or not. Sometimes he examined up to 100 patients a day — spending all of three minutes to diagnose them for life-altering surgery. Read full story

gunpointFeds take air out of dangerous airbag cons

Dai Zhensong cared little about whether motorists arrived home safely from the supermarket or office. Or if they had families that depended on them.

The Chinese national just wanted money. He flooded the U.S. with shoddy airbags forged inside his factory back in China. His potentially deadly crime is “an extreme safety risk,” the federal government said in sending out an urgent national alert warning hundreds of thousands of drivers. Read full story

Feline follies: Man launches dead-cat con

housefireThis cat con went to the dogs.

Yevgeny Samsonov was rear-ended at a traffic light when the other driver’s foot slipped off the brakes.

The Tacoma, Wash. man needed chiropractic treatment, and the driver’s insurer PEMCO paid nearly $3,500 to cover the bills for treating soft-tissue injuries.

But nothing could save his beloved cat Tom, who was in the car and somehow died in that little vehicle dustup. Read full story

X-rated romp in park exposes comp hoax

Modupe Adunni Martin insisted her ankle injury was so painful that she couldn’t walk or do her job as a janitor at Woodside High School in San Mateo County, Calif.

She needed crutches just to get around. Martin convinced her employer and doctors that she deserved workers compensation money plus plenty of time off to heal.

What followed was an X-rated romp in the park that, well, exposed Martin’s plot. Her injury was phony. She stole tens of thousands of dollars of insurance money until her libido helped get her jailed for fraud. Read full story

Nursing homes were houses of horror

casketHundreds of low-income seniors starved from malnutrition, and were surrounded by rodents and rotting garbage in George Houser’s nursing homes.

The Sandy Springs, Ga. man’s facilities were little more than houses of horror. He raked in $32 million in bogus Medicare and Medicaid claims while providing virtually none of the services for which he billed taxpayers.

Houser had a high-flying lifestyle while he deserted the vulnerable, low-income residents who depended on him for decent, dignified lives. Read full story

Poisoned dessert no treat in life-insurance murder

Alan Duvall went to his maker peacefully, dying in a alcohol-induced stupor while slumped in a lawn chair on his estranged wife’s back patio.

He was separated from Tami, but had come over to fix an air conditioner. He drank a lot then went outside to the chair and passed out, she said.

She found him the next morning and called 911, but he was dead, she said. The Indianapolis-area man died of alcohol poisoning, investigators first ruled. He had an inhumanly high alcohol content of .436 percent. Read full story

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