2006 Insurance Fraud

Hall of Shame

Michael & Rudi Apelt. Cindy Monkman fell for a handsome German day laborer who lied that he was an international businessman. The Phoenix-area, Ariz. woman agreed to marry him just three weeks after they met. Michael Apelt took out $400,000 in life insurance on Cindy just 10 days after they married. He and brother Rudi soon stabbed her to death in the desert. Both brothers received death sentences. Read full story

Frances Elaine Newton took out $50,000 life insurance policies on Adrian, Farrah and herself. A policy already existed on Alton's life. Newton admitted taking a gun with her to her husband's apartment on the night of the killings, but she said she took it for protection and that her family members were alive when she left. Read full story

Josephine Gray. If you believe frightened relatives, you could almost hear jungle drums boom-booming darkly when Josephine Gray's two husbands and a lover died from gunshots.Gray mixed a deadly brew of guns and voodoo that killed three men, scammed nearly $170,000 in life insurance money and terrorized witnesses into silence for years, prosecutors believe. Read full story

Timothy and Deborah Nicholls' lives were spinning dangerously out of control. Strung out on drugs, stealing from their own businesses to finance their expensive highs, and desperate to escape spiraling debt, the couple torched their Colorado Springs home for insurance money. Read full story

Nancy Kissel. The Hong Kong court heard how American housewife Nancy Kissel gave her 40-year-old husband a milkshake laced with sedatives before attacking him with a lead ornament. Read full story

Dr. Mehmood Patel. At least 75 people were subjected to worthless heart stents, angioplasties and radiation treatment by heart doc Mehmood Patel. The Lafayette, La. man billed insurers more than $3 million for the invasive procedures. One woman visited Patel to get medical clearance to donate her kidney to her son. Patel then lied that she also needed a heart stent. She wasn’t allowed to donate her kidney after receiving the procedure, and her son remained on dialysis. Patel received 10 years in federal prison. Read full story

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