Lawless libido traps cheater in partner-swap comp romp

Fraud of the Month: May 2016

imagePrison guard John Alfonzo Smiley turned a night of sex frolicking into a dodgy workers-compensation claim. But then fraud investigators, well, exposed his X-rated exploits and sent him to jail.

Smiley was paralyzed from a gunshot wound as he and his wife left a San Francisco restaurant after dinner, he told investigators. 

A former inmate spotted Smiley, and had a score to settle. He shot Smiley in the back. The vengeful bullet paralyzed him from the waist down.

The bullet wound was work-related, Smiley creatively claimed. He sought $4 million from the state-run workers-compensation insurer. His wife also demanded $271,00 as his caregiver. 

A dinner evening was work-related? Big stretch, fraud investigators thought. They looked deeper. 

Shot after swapping partners

In truth ... Smiley was shot outside a secretive San Francisco sex club named Twist. The place has no sign out front.

John and Cynthia swapped partners with another couple in an upstairs “play” room that had a couch and circular bed. They got into an argument. Matters overheated as the two couples left Twist in the pre-dawn hours. The other guy pulled a gun and fired. 

Smiley’s false comp claim fizzled. Still, a simple apology could’ve avoided an insurance-fraud prosecution. Yet the couple kept demanding money and refused to plead guilty. 

“Kneeling sex was medically impossible with her claimed ankle injury.”Blown chance. Smiley’s erotic exertions earned him eight months in jail, and cost him his career. 

“They had chances to walk away,” state prosecutor Kelly Mulcahy said. “If they said, ‘We’re sorry,’ it wouldn’t have gotten this far.”

Lustful linkup in park

Steamy shenanigans in a public park earned Modupe Adunni Martin a workers-comp conviction as well. 

Martin said she hurt her ankle as a janitor at Woodside High School in San Mateo County, Calif. She claimed she was on crutches full-time, and demanded workers-comp money plus plenty of time off. 

Martin attended 10 doctor appointments to re-confirm she still was hurt and needed more workers-compensation money. Fraud investigators grew suspicious and secretly followed her around. 

Kneeling sex impossible

Caught on video: Martin entered the doctor’s office on crutches, then blithely strolled from the building afterward, crutches in hand. 

Tossing the crutches into the back seat, she drove to a nearby gas station. 

She strapped on high heels and merrily ran — yes, in high heels — to a nearby public park. Martin hugged her boyfriend, kneeled and performed oral sex. 

Kneeling sex was medically impossible with her claimed ankle injury. Martin landed nine months in jail for workers-compensation fraud, and must repay $79,000. She also earned induction into the notorious Insurance Fraud Hall of Shame

“It’s viewed as a theft of money,” county prosecutor Steve Wagstaffe said. “This is a woman who truly knew she was cheating."

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