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Civil actions seek to take down heads of large, complex fraud rings

Large and complex no-fault fraud rings collectively attempt to steal hundreds of millions in false injury claims. Truly effective civil fraud litigation has a more ambitious goal than merely cutting off payments to the hub provider. By Michael Flaherty


Stepped-up efforts putting medical cheaters on defensive

The Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has enhanced its focus on combating healthcare fraud. CMS brings fraudsters to justice by working closely with key law-enforcement partners through strike forces. By Dr. Peter Budetti


Stormy weather for storm-chasing contractor

Most contractors are honest and ethical, but many exploit homeowners with ruses that cost them and insurance companies thousands of dollars. The cons rise up dramatically after natural disasters. By Howard Goldblatt and James Quiggle


Technology increasingly driving insurer anti-fraud strategies

The Coalition undertook a study to understand insurer adoption and use of anti-fraud technology. Nearly all insurers use technology, but they vary widely in the sophistication of their systems. By Dennis Jay and Stuart Rose


TrendWatch: new developments about fraud in America

A new public-private partnership has potential to strengthen the medical fraud fight...Americans remain vulnerable to medical identity theft... Prescription abuse continues spiking, abusers turning to heroin. By Coalition Staff


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