Coalition background

The Coalition Against Insurance Fraud... a national organization of insurers, consumer groups and government organizations dedicated to fighting insurance fraud through public advocacy and public education.

Founded in 1993, our mission is to combine the influence and resources of consumers, government organizations and insurers to combat fraud as a means to restrain insurance costs for consumers and insurers by reducing the financial impact of fraud.

Our objectives are:

• Enact new laws and regulations that directly and indirectly prevent, deter or help detect insurance fraud, and seek appropriate remedies, including restitution and license revocation, against those who commit fraud. Such initiatives must be cost-effective and practical.

• Communicate the scope of the fraud problem and potential solutions to all major audiences in order to increase awareness, create deterrence, change attitudes and build support for anti-fraud initiatives.

• Serve as a clearinghouse of insurance fraud information, conducting research to enable Coalition members and policymakers to make more informed decisions on how to combat fraud effectively and efficiently.

As an organization that includes insurers, consumer groups and government organizations, the Coalition has enhanced credibility in communicating to legislators the need for reform and in carrying the anti-fraud message to the public.

The Coalition was formed because insurers alone cannot — and should not be expected to — solve this problem. Insurance fraud is a widespread problem with many causes and complex factors contributing to its growth. The most effective approach is a multi-faceted strategy involving all players — insurers, consumers, regulators, legislators and prosecutors.

The Coalition is governed by a board of directors that, under its bylaws, must contain equal representation of public interest and for-profit organizations. Coalition programs are carried out by a staff of five in Washington, D.C.