The power of unity

Flash back to 1993. Spiraling insurance scams were driving everyone’s premiums higher and higher. The nation was struggling with a mounting crime wave, looking for answers.

Leaders of the anti-fraud fight realized America needed a catalyst to unite and ignite the power of many diverse groups against rampant fraud. Only a longterm commitment would work against such a deeply entrenched problem.

The vision of these charter members became the Coalition Against Insurance Fraud — the nation’s only anti-fraud watchdog that speaks for consumers, insurance companies, legislators, regulators and others.

Control everyone’s costs

The Coalition has become one of America’s most trusted and credible anti-fraud forces, thanks to our remarkable diversity. Together, our members are working to control everyone’s insurance costs, protect the public safety, and bring this crime wave to its knees.

Since its founding in 1993, the Coalition has worked effectively to….

• enact tough new anti-fraud laws and regulations
• educate the public how to fight back, and
• serve as a national clearinghouse of fraud information.

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