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Glenn Beck and the anti-fraud agenda

Glenn Beck and Dennis JayNice opportunity for me to be a guest on today’s Glenn Beck show on the Fox News Channel. His agenda clearly was to show that expanding health care to millions of more Americans will increase fraud, and thus, it’s one more reason not to do it.

He did have good points about how federal health care programs attract organized crime and that the estimated percentage of fraud (he quoted three to four percent) is unacceptably high compared with credit card fraud and bank fraud.

My main point was that if the federal government doesn’t increase anti-fraud resources at least as much as the planned increase in the number of people covered, fraud will get further out of control. There’s some good anti-fraud provisions in both the Senate and House bills that have been released so far. But they fall far short of what’s needed to put a dent in health care fraud.

My favorite quote on the show came from Kerry Weems who oversaw Medicare and Medicaid programs in the Bush Administration:

“Right now we way, way, way underspend for fraud and abuse.”

Let’s hope Congress and the President get the message.

You can watch the video here.

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