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Fighting against medical quackery

Ailing consumers too often are given false hope by fraudsters Continue reading

quackI’ve been a fan of Dr. Stephen Barrett since I discovered his website, Quackwatch.org, many years ago. He provides a much-needed public service by shining a harsh light on questionable treatments and drugs being hyped by shady medical providers and other con artists. He is founder of the National Council Against Health Fraud and publishes a free weekly newsletter, Consumer Health Digest.

Ailing consumers too often are given false hope by fraudsters who look to line their own pockets by exploiting their desperation. Some treatments and therapies are criminal; others are just based on little or no science.

I don’t always agree with Dr. Barrett’s conclusions, but I have learned much from him about the dark side of medical quackery over the years.

He also provides a valuable public service by  teaching medical professionals about quackery. A recently posted online video, “What Can Chiropractors Really Do For Pain,” explains a variety of questionable and even dangerous chiro treatments. Among them are heat & cold therapy, mechanical devices, supplements, applied kinesiology and hair analysis. Fraud fighters who deal with medical claims might want to check it out.

About the author: Dennis Jay is executive director for the Coalition Against Insurance Fraud.

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