Radio talker’s irresponsible advice

BonaduceThe Philadelphia area has its share of ethically challenged folks and surely doesn’t need anyone giving step-by-step instructions on how to commit insurance fraud . . . especially when that someone has a large megaphone and can reach thousands of people. That’s the scenario that played out last week on WYSP radio with talk show host (and former tv child star) Danny Bonaduce.

A caller sought advice on how to profit from a minor traffic accident and talker Bonaduce didn’t disappoint. Here’s a partial transcript:

Bonaduce: “Do you have any tingling or numbness in your foot?”
Caller: “[In] my knee.”
Bonaduce: “How about in the bottom or sole of your foot”
Caller: Nah.
Bonaduce: “Yes, you do. Let me ask you again. Do you have any numbness in the bottom of your foot?
Caller: Absolutely!
Bonaduce: “OK . . . So here’s what going to happen when you go to the hospital . . .”

The talk show host then goes into detail about how to fool the doctor into concluding the accident victim suffered nerve damage in his foot. Bonaduce admitted that the scam is illegal, and even boasted employing it himself in a workers comp claim that allowed him to sit home and collect for six months.

Bonaduce’s audience likely includes young and impressionable listeners who look up to this ‘shock jock.’ They now have another reason to think insurance fraud is cool, harmless and lucrative. His behavior is irresponsible.

The Coalition has filed a complaint with Bonaduce’s employer, WYSP, and its parent company, CBS Radio. Feel free to express your own outrage.

An audio clip of the show can be heard in the members-only section of the Coalition’s website (under Other Resources). We’re hesitant to upload it for public consumption and give it more play than it already has.

Thanks to the Pennsylvania Insurance Fraud Prevention Authority for alerting us to this story.