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New fraud laws near record despite election-year drag
July 22, 2014
imageThe Coalition predicted a robust year for anti-fraud bills and laws in 2014. The stronger economy freed up more time for legislators to deal with issues like fraud instead of single-mindedly balancing cash-strapped state budgets. This year has proven a healthy success in large measure. Our bill tally ...

Exchange of case information survives in Minnesota law
July 22, 2014
imageMinnesota enacted a wider immunity law allowing more exchange of valuable case leads and other information. It’s an important law that took a stout fight to pass. The state legislature created a working group last year to review insurance-fraud problems in the state and to make recommendations to ...

New York punts on no-fault reform but passes opioid laws
July 22, 2014
imageThe legislature ended yet another session without passing meaningful no-fault reforms. Targeting staged-crash rings and their recruiters, misrepresenting where an auto is garaged and marketing phony auto-insurance cards were among the stalled measures. The governor and leadership of both chambers appear to have little interest in joining their ...

Court actions affect state fraud fighting
July 22, 2014
imageIllinois. A state court ruled that the Illinois false-claims law was unduly narrow and did not permit a whistleblower to bring the action forward. The law was enacted several years ago with the intent to help insurers, the state and whistleblowers target large scale frauds. The law ...

Ridesharing sparks concern that drivers bilking insurers
July 22, 2014
imageThe issue of ridesharing has exploded. And with it comes concerns over whether drivers are defrauding their personal auto policies by using their vehicles commercially without telling their insurers in order to keep premiums down. The competition for riders has grown so stiff that taxi and limo drivers ...

NCOIL adds privacy to practices for fighting opioid abuse
July 22, 2014
imageThe National Conference of Insurance Legislators amended new privacy safeguards into its “best practices” for state prescription-drug monitoring programs. The move came at the group’s recent summer meeting. NCOIL adopted the original best practices last year. The new language would:

  • Make the information on a monitoring program ...

    Four Questions for Carolyn Henneman
    July 22, 2014
    imageimageWhere to prosecute insurance cases? Finding a proper court venue is an age-old issue for every prosecutor who wants to take down a suspected home arsonist or staged-crash artist. Maryland tackled the issue this spring, passing the newest state law clarifying venues where prosecutors ...

    Crash Ring Raises Auto Premiums And Cost of Fighting Scams. Anti-Fraud Leader Says In Courts Sentencing Statement
    July 11, 2014
    BRIDGEPORT, Conn., July 11, 2014 — A fraud ring that stole millions of dollars in fake crash-treatment claims has exacted a large toll of innocent victims and underscores the need for strong deterrent punishment by the criminal justice system, a leading anti-fraud executive said in a court sentencing statement ...

    Klutzes stumble, bumble to convictions
    July 08, 2014
    imageInsurance swindlers are clever deviants with a criminal’s well-groomed nose for money, some people would believe. Well sometimes true, then sometimes not. Courtrooms are littered with klutzes who couldn’t stay afloat in the fraudster gene pool. Chiropractor Larry Herman literally launched a run-away insurance crime. The Frederick, ...

    Transnational crime gangs make fraud a global epidemic
    June 17, 2014
    Insurers must learn a counter morphing global threat by cartels imageAbstract: Insurance fraud increasingly is becoming riddled with large transnational rings, and also is a terrorism-financing vehicle. Complex rings come from melting pots of nations, and often a ring may have members from several countries. They effectively hide ...