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Roof caves in on crooked home contractors
August 01, 2015
imageHome contractors Jack and son Ryan were known in their community for donating to local causes such as youth sports teams. Now they’re known for something else: The Bristol Township, Pa. pair ripped off at least 10 homeowners and businesses with shoddy and substandard repairs. All in all, ...

Crooked businesses seek profits from flames and claims
July 06, 2015
imageJesse Lee pioneered college uniforms for women athletes. His company Sports Belle was a national go-to business for college teams for years until larger operations such as Nike and Adidas elbowed Lee aside. Sports Belle started failing, his large plant in Knoxville, Tenn. no longer selling enough uniforms ...

United we brand: combating fraud by harnessing power of persuasion
June 18, 2015
Positioning crime-fighting as business benefit, moral high ground imageAbstract: Efforts to mold positive consumer attitudes and actions aimed at curbing insurance fraud are fragmented, frequently reactive, seriously underfunded and in great need of data-driven metrics to measure success. All the while, public outreach has proven effective in tackling ...

What financial services and insurers can teach each other
June 18, 2015
Fraud is a global force requiring more intelligence sharing among financial industries imageAbstract: Money laundering, credit-card account takeovers and mortgage fraud are just several crimes commonly plaguing financial institutions. Of top concern is financial fraud’s link to organized crime. Insurance fraud fighters can learn from financial services about ...

Big Data lets insurers mine for fraud throughout claims cycle
June 18, 2015
Credit and banking industries offer best practices for fraud fighters imageAbstract: The methods for rooting out the estimated $80 billion in yearly insurance fraud have stayed largely the same since insurers drafted the first red flags many years ago. While modern fraud-detection systems have helped, the process is ...

TrendWatch: New developments about fraud in America
June 18, 2015
Detroit deluged with suspicious home fires imageArsonists are burning down homes faster than Detroit can raze them, asserts a recent Detroit News investigation. Nearly 3,500 suspicious home fires broke out last year. Insurance scams figure in many of the fires, though precise statistics have yet to be ...

Scammers open front door to home-healthcare thievery
June 18, 2015
Widespread corruption has made enforcement a high federal priority imageAbstract: Swindlers view home healthcare as a wide-open field of opportunity with low risk of getting caught. HHS has overpaid for home healthcare 15-23 percent a year for the last decade. Several societal forces help fuel the troubling trend. ...

Fraud Fighters Gain Two Laws in Minnesota
June 17, 2015
imageCivil actions and depriving swindlers of insurance stiffen state’s resolve MINNEAPOLIS, June 17, 2015 — Minnesota has added new powers to lodge civil actions against insurance fraudsters and kick swindlers out of the insurance system, the Coalition Against Insurance Fraud announced. The strong anti-fraud measures became law when ...

Spineless spine surgeries leave patients in pain
June 03, 2015
imagePatients trooped into the office of neurosurgeon Dr. Aria Sabit, often desperate for relief from chronic back pain. The Detroit-area doctor offered a handy off-the-rack solution: Slice them open and fuse their spines — even when they didn’t need it. Sabit promised to insert an implant to help stabilize ...

Evading Auto Premiums Now An Insurance Crime In N.J.
May 08, 2015
New law adds penalties for falsely registering vehicles in other states WASHINGTON, May 8, 2015 — New Jersey drivers who lie that they garage and drive their vehicles in other states to save on auto premiums now could face insurance-fraud charges, announced the Coalition Against Insurance Fraud.  Gov. Chris Christie signed ...