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Texas Supreme Court Urged To Let Insurers Prove Fraud
June 09, 2016
imageCoalition: Insurance scams can thrive if schemers hide false injury claims WASHINGTON, June 9, 2016 — Allowing medical providers to hide false claims amid treatment for crash injuries will encourage scams and could discourage insurers from writing business in Texas, the Coalition Against Insurance Fraud says in an ...

Home arsonists try to murder witness
June 02, 2016
imageTyesha Towanda Roberts wanted to help her uncle torch a crony’s home for an insurance payday. Roberts was prepared to help make the insurance plot a grisly murder scene. The Baltimore woman agreed to provide a false alibi, and help rub out an inconvenient witness. Bad ...

MD makes installing, selling fake airbags a crime
May 10, 2016
Coalition lauds Gov. Hogan’s signing of bill aimed at deadly insurance con imageMaking airbag scams a specific crime in Maryland will help save lives and clamp down on a costly insurance scam, the Coalition Against Insurance Fraud said in lauding Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan’s signing a fraud ...

Lawless libido traps cheater in partner-swap comp romp
May 03, 2016
imagePrison guard John Alfonzo Smiley turned a night of sex frolicking into a dodgy workers-compensation claim. But then fraud investigators, well, exposed his X-rated exploits and sent him to jail. Smiley was paralyzed from a gunshot wound as he and his wife left a San Francisco restaurant after ...

Inspector General in New York named “Fraud Fighter of the Year”
March 16, 2016
Award bestowed by New York Alliance Against Insurance Fraud imageMarch 16, 2016, New York, NY — Cited for an aggressive campaign to counter workers-compensation scams throughout the state, New York Inspector General Catherine Leahy Scott was honored with the “Fraud Fighter of the Year” award by the New ...

Innocent patients die from Medicare, Medicaid looting
March 01, 2016
imageRafael Chikvashvili holds a PhD in math. He thought he was smart enough to steal $7.5 million from Medicare and Medicaid. Yet the numbers whiz sorely miscalculated. His con killed two patients, sending him to federal prison possibly for life. The Baltimore-area brainiac ran an imaging firm called ...

Football coach now role-models insurance felony
February 01, 2016
Inspired impoverished kids to championships, then lies about stolen ATV imageBeto Mejia coached a tiny high school in an impoverished California farm valley to improbable heights as football champions. He gained national attention as an inspiring role model to his players. ESPN did a documentary, and there ...

Social-marketing campaigns taking on small-time crimes
January 15, 2016
State agency changes consumer attitudes, behavior about fraud in Pennsylvania imageAbstract: Social marketing influences behaviors that benefit the target consumers and society as a whole. Using social marketing to encourage behavior change increasingly is common and effective. Most insurance scams reported to the Pennsylvania Insurance Fraud Prevention Authority ...

A bird’s-eye view: using drones to fight fraud
January 15, 2016
imageAbstract: The Federal Aviation Administration has approved exemptions for several top carriers and other firms to allow drone usage. More approvals will continue expanding the field of early adopters. Fraud investigations will benefit from advances in emergency and catastrophe response which have taken precedence in drone research ...

Stating a strong case for insurers using state whistleblower laws against fraudsters
January 15, 2016
California, Illinois let insurers sue fraudsters on behalf of the state imageAbstract: Insurance companies may find it in their interest to use state qui tam laws in California and Illinois to file whistleblower lawsuits and recover funds stolen through fraud. Whistleblower lawsuits in those states allow private insurers ...