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Crash Ring Raises Auto Premiums And Cost of Fighting Scams. Anti-Fraud Leader Says In Courts Sentencing Statement
July 11, 2014
BRIDGEPORT, Conn., July 11, 2014 — A fraud ring that stole millions of dollars in fake crash-treatment claims has exacted a large toll of innocent victims and underscores the need for strong deterrent punishment by the criminal justice system, a leading anti-fraud executive said in a court sentencing statement ...

Klutzes stumble, bumble to convictions
July 08, 2014
imageInsurance swindlers are clever deviants with a criminal’s well-groomed nose for money, some people would believe. Well sometimes true, then sometimes not. Courtrooms are littered with klutzes who couldn’t stay afloat in the fraudster gene pool. Chiropractor Larry Herman literally launched a run-away insurance crime. The Frederick, ...

Transnational crime gangs make fraud a global epidemic
June 17, 2014
Insurers must learn a counter morphing global threat by cartels imageAbstract: Insurance fraud increasingly is becoming riddled with large transnational rings, and also is a terrorism-financing vehicle. Complex rings come from melting pots of nations, and often a ring may have members from several countries. They effectively hide ...

No-Fault Auto: Worth Saving
June 17, 2014
Pro: Forget the junkyard: Try to fix a system that still can work Reforms and better enforcement in Florida suggest can still work imageAbstract: Is no-fault auto insurance worth saving or is it fatally fraud-ridden and costly for drivers? No-fault’s goal is a simple, cost-saving auto system ...

Health reform may shift costs to property-casualty insurers
June 17, 2014
Auto, workers comp insurers invite fraud because systems pay well and rely on trust imageAbstract: Health reform likely will have an impact the law did not foresee: The inflow of 38 million new policyholders plus reduced health-insurer reimbursements will impel many medical providers to bill health claims to ...

Benchmark study reveals - SIUs are significant insurer contributors
June 17, 2014
First-ever SIU study offers insights into anti-fraud metrics imageAbstract: For years insurers have sought to understand the norms for structuring, staffing, funding and measuring their special investigation units. Such guidelines haven’t been developed because of the variance in how SIUs conduct operations and how they measure various ...

Trendwatch: New developments about fraud in America
June 17, 2014
Politicians bribed by lure of large insurance payouts imageThe power of insurance money to corrupt politicians and even public employees has been spotlighted by several high-profile cases in recent months. Former U.S. Arizona congressman Rick Renzi looted his family insurance agency of more than $400,000. He funneled client premiums ...

Gas fumes blow up arson scheme
June 04, 2014
imageJames Gregory Glick sniffed a quick get-rich deal. A vacant office building stood across the street from his steakhouse. The empty space fairly begged for a new owner, and Glick pounced. The Logan, W.Va. man bought the place for just $50,000. He then bribed a crooked agent named ...

Awareness weeks help spread anti-fraud messages
June 04, 2014

An annual rite of many fraud-fighting organizations involves Fraud Awareness Week observances. These efforts appear throughout the rest of the year. This time-honored device is a useful springboard for spreading stout anti-fraud messages to consumers.

The most frequent model is ...

Nevada exploits police responding to fewer crashes
June 04, 2014
imageNo pain, no police. That’s the upshot of a decision by the Las Vegas police in February not to respond to crashes unless someone’s hurt.

The state insurance department adroitly seized on the third-party announcement to issue its own consumer ...