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8 ways Long Island homeowners can stop Jose contractor scams
September 20, 2017
Storm chasers may do shoddy repairs, steal downpayments ALBANY, Sept 20, 2017 — Long Islanders should stay alert for storm-chasing contractors who dangle fast and fraudulent home repairs after tropical storm Jose batters low-lying areas, warns the New York Alliance Against Insurance Fraud. Jose could cause considerable flooding and home damage ...

Houston Homeowners Warned Against Repair Scams
September 07, 2017
8 Ways Houstonians can avoid contractor cons, insurance fraud imageWASHINGTON, Sept. 7, 2017 — Houston homeowners should stay alert for storm-chasing contractors who dangle fast, cheap and fraudulent repairs that could cost thousands of dollars out of pocket, the nonprofit Coalition Against Insurance Fraud warns. “Harvey’s vast home ...

Kind man burned alive in home insurance arson
September 06, 2017
imageBest friend betrays him for insurance payouts, burns home with blowtorch David O’Dell was a gentle man, mentally slowed by a head injury, yet good-natured and trusting. He lived alone in an aging wooden house. He had no idea the home would become his coffin. O’Dell was burned ...

Kentucky court upholds insurer right to compel EUOs
August 28, 2017
Important precedent could help defend interviews against challenge in other states August 28, 2017, Frankfort, Ky. — Insurers have a right to compel claimants to be interviewed under oath, Kentucky's Supreme Court ruled. The closely watched decision is a major victory for insurers, the fraud-fighting community and consumers. “EUOs are a ...

Uncaring homecare con robs Medicare, taxpayers
August 08, 2017
Dallas doctor led $375-million Medicare scam claiming healthy seniors were infirm, homebound imageJacques Roy mounted a form of home invasion, so big and audacious that he’ll serve 35 long and lonely years in federal prison. The Dallas-area doctor authored one of the largest Medicare cons in history. The elephantine ...

Stepped-Up Prevention, Deterrence Key To Turning Corner Against Insurance Fraud
August 02, 2017
Large, organized rings continue spreading, requiring redoubled attention WASHINGTON, August 3, 2017 — Turning the corner on insurance fraud requires stepped-up prevention and deterrence against schemes such as organized fraud rings that are proliferating, the Coalition Against Insurance Fraud said in testimony before a key Senate subcommittee today. “After more than ...

Workers' Comp Fraud Busts
July 26, 2017
imageA nationwide crackdown on individuals who didn't meet the standards when it came to insurance licensing requirements in eight states netted 675 arrests. The raid, organized by the National Association of State Contractors Licensing Agencies (NASCLA), attempted to level the playing field for contractors, protect consumers and discourage ...

Flashy lawyer’s $550-million disability con disabled
July 06, 2017
Hundreds lose coverage, feds demand hefty repay imageWhere’s Eric Conn? The feds want to know. So do the Kentucky disability lawyer’s clients — hundreds, many stuck without disability money they desperately need to survive. Conn engineered the largest federal disability ripoff in U.S. history — nearly $600 million in pilfered ...

Alert: Don't Get Burned By These 5 Summer Insurance Schemes
June 22, 2017
imageConsumers Should Be On the Lookout for Scams Involving Shoddy Home Repairs After Storms; Medical & Medicare ID Theft Cons; Setup Car Crashes; and Bogus Auto Repairs   WASHINGTON, June 22, 2017 — Insurance crooks are picking the pockets of consumers to line their own. Insurance fraud is ...

Hit-and-run drivers hide behind fake insurance claims
June 05, 2017
Pedestrians grievously hurt, drivers speed away, lie about collisions imageDazed and fumbling after drinking at a party all night, Maxwell Materazzi-Hatala made a dumb choice to drive home. The Scranton, Pa.-area man rammed into a trash collector and crushed the city worker’s legs. Materazzi-Hatala then lied to his insurer ...