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Crash-gang dispatcher is dispatched
January 09, 2015
imageMaxo Jean seemed like an unassuming sort, a humble taxi dispatcher on Long Island, N.Y.. Yet while sending cabs to pick up passengers, Jean also dispatched cronies to maneuver 30 staged vehicle crashes for insurance payouts. Jean ran a cold-blooded and sometimes macabre outfit. He stuffed kids into ...

Deterring workers-comp fraud in San Diego
January 08, 2015
Flooding market with a stern tagline motivates consumers and businesses imageAbstract: Workers-compensation fraud is a problem in San Diego County, with a population of more than three million. Public-awareness efforts by the District Attorney’s office warned county residents about fraud and have greatly expanded case referrals for investigation ...

Uncivil civil suits allow auto insurers to take down organized fraud rings
January 08, 2015
Civil actions give insurers a legal tool to counter the spread of complex rings imageAbstract: Automobile insurers increasingly are turning to civil suits to help counter the growth of complex, organized fraud rings. Civil actions can be expensive and require a full commitment to seeing the action through. ...

Rational swindlers avoid crime when risk not worth the reward
January 08, 2015
Theories about rational crime choices and deterrence offer clues about preventing fraud imageAbstract: Criminology theory is widely used in the many criminal justice areas, yet there is no application of these theories to insurance fraud. Better understanding these theories and how criminals are motivated will assist insurance companies ...

Corporate dentistry bleeds Medicaid, vulnerable low-income children
January 08, 2015
Dentists yank healthy teeth, fleece Medicaid under pressure to optimize income imageAbstract: Corporate-owned dental chains are exploiting the underserved market for low-income child Medicaid patients with large-scale fraudulent and abusive treatment. Most dental clinics are honest and forthright. But aggressive business models pressure some dental chains to fraudulently ...

TrendWatch: new developments about fraud in America
January 08, 2015
Hall of Shame’s No-Class of 2014 exposes newest master marauders imageAmerica’s aces of avarice took a reluctant bow with election to the Insurance Hall of Shame. The No-Class of 2014 has been dishonored by the Coalition Against Insurance Fraud. They were ranked among the nation’s most brazen, klutziest or ...

Staged-crash ring crashes and burns
January 07, 2015
imageHijacking often-dazed crash victims, personal-injury lawyer Joseph Haddad built a crime cartel that exposed the victims to worthless and possibly dangerous medical treatment. The Bridgeport, Conn. man recruited crash victims for voodoo medicine, whether or not the motorists were hurt. It was all a setup to ...

Bugatti dunk for insurance cash all washed up
January 07, 2015
imageSelling exotic sports cars was Andy House’s specialty. Sinking one for insurance money was purely amateur hour when his plot was captured on camera and became an internet sensation. House rocketed a rare $1-million Bugatti Veyron into a salty East Texas lagoon for an inflated $2.2-million ...

Home insurance arson shrouds child murder plot
January 07, 2015
imageTwo infants died of smoke inhalation in a blackened bedroom from a fire Angela Garcia set to steal insurance money and remove the unwanted kids from her life. Fire fighters found little Nyeemah (age 3) and Nija (age 2) dead on the floor of their Cleveland home ...

Useless chemo marauds healthy patients
January 07, 2015
imageCancer was good to Dr. Farid Fata. He pumped patients with toxic levels of chemotherapy, whether they needed it or not. They suffered mightily as the drugs launched mass attacks on their cells and suppressed their immune systems, often for months. The patients were his slot machines, ...