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Cancer cons exploit deadly disease
September 10, 2014
imageCancer. The word ripples chills through people’s arteries. Anyone could be next. But some consumers coldly lie to their insurers and trusting communities that they have the disease in a cynical dodge to steal insurance money with false treatment claims. They betray the friends, neighbors and colleagues ...

Outreach driving down worker comp scams in San Diego
August 19, 2014
San Diego County is a large urban area. More than 3.2 million people call it home, and so do tens of thousands of businesses. Dozens of languages also are spoken. All in all, this makes the county a cooking pot of workers-compensation insurance schemes, a widespread ...

IASIU chapters reach motorists with donated billboards
August 19, 2014
Two chapters of the International Association of SIUs have launched local billboard campaigns. Each chose a brief, straight-forward message intended to inform thousands of motorists along highly traveled roadways in key urban areas.

As volunteer groups short on budgets, each chapter ...

Lesson of lawsuit: News interviews can end up in court
August 19, 2014
A well-intended but controversial statement by an insurer spokesperson has sparked an expensive lawsuit and unwanted publicity for the insurer, and embroiled the spokesperson as a defendant in the suit.

“The waiver of cost-sharing as a routine business practice is deceptive and fraudulent. Providers ...

Vehicle arsons and Medicare make Coalition headlines
August 19, 2014
Medicare. “If you play it right, you can make a lot of money quickly, stealing from Medicare,” the Coalition’s Jim Quiggle in a front-page Washington Post investigation of Medicare cons involving power wheelchairs. “You can walk into the United States, with limited English skills, no knowledge of medicine, and ...

Nominations sought for prosecutor award
August 19, 2014
Prosecutors toil long hours to earn fraud convictions. The Coalition honors America’s courtroom wizards with the Prosecutor of the Year Award. It’s the only national award of its kind, and sets the standard for excellence in best courtroom practices around the nation.

Nominate a ...

Power of Partnering: powerful annual report message
August 19, 2014
Partnerships rank among the most-effective tools for combatting fraud. The combined force of multiple groups against a given fraud issue or crime ring can exert a crushing impact.

The Coalition continued a long tradition by forming and expanding partnerships of its own. Thus the Coalition’s ...

Fraud cartel lures and abuses crash victims
August 14, 2014
imageDazed crash victims often suffered yet another car calamity: They were hijacked by personal-injury attorney Joseph Haddad. The Bridgeport, Conn. lawyer ran a well-greased fraud ring. His crime cartel recruited crash victims for voodoo medicine, whether or not the motorists were hurt. He stole millions of dollars ...

New fraud laws near record despite election-year drag
July 22, 2014
imageThe Coalition predicted a robust year for anti-fraud bills and laws in 2014. The stronger economy freed up more time for legislators to deal with issues like fraud instead of single-mindedly balancing cash-strapped state budgets. This year has proven a healthy success in large measure. Our bill tally ...

Exchange of case information survives in Minnesota law
July 22, 2014
imageMinnesota enacted a wider immunity law allowing more exchange of valuable case leads and other information. It’s an important law that took a stout fight to pass. The state legislature created a working group last year to review insurance-fraud problems in the state and to make recommendations to ...