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Taking down largest federal disability scam in U.S. history earns legal team top fraud prosecutor award
January 10, 2019
Kentucky lawyer ran $550-million insurance-fraud scam, earns 27 years in prison WASHINGTON, Jan. 10, 2018 — Taking down the largest federal disability scheme in U.S. history — a $550-million behemoth — has earned two prosecutors the Prosecutor of the Year Award from the Coalition Against Insurance Fraud. Dustin Davis and ...

9 Most-brazen insurance fraudsters voted into New York's insurance legion of shame
January 02, 2019
ALBANY, Jan. 2, 2019 — A medical ring steals $279 million in false whiplash claims. A man burns down his house for insurance because the place had code violations. A woman hires a hitman to murder her own mother for $30,000 of life-insurance money. They’re among the 9 most-brazen insurance fraudsters ...

Insurance Fraud Grinches:9 Most-Brazen Insurance Scammers Of 2018
December 12, 2018
Consumers advised how to avoid scams, especially during the holidays WASHINGTON, D.C., December 12, 2018 — The holiday season rang in with the year’s 9 most-brazen insurance-fraud grinches taking short sleigh rides for long prison terms after foisting outsized and elf-delusional insurance thefts. America’s extreme insurance schemers were inducted into the

Disabled Kentuckians destitute when $550-million disability con busted
November 01, 2018
imageLawyer bribes judge, docs to game federal disability and steal large payouts Impoverished Kentucky coal miners scraped by with crippling injuries and pain, scratching out a sparse living in a declining industry with jobs disappearing. Along came flamboyant lawyer Eric Conn. He launched an ad blitz that promised folks ...

Two firefighters die as burning nail salon collapses
October 01, 2018

Owner made living torching salons for insurance, handed 74 years in prisonimage

What desperate emotions flashed through firefighters Larry Leggio and John Mesh as the burning nail salon’s brick wall crashed down on them? Did they even have time for such emotions?

Flames shot through a nail salon that ...

Home arsons are fiery family affairs in West Virginia
September 01, 2018
imageLester family buys three homes for cheap, torches for inflated claims The Lesters were a well-known family in parts of Southern West Virginia. Especially, patriarch Windel Lester sat on the board of a local bank. He also owned a hardware store and sold mobile homes. Windel thought big, as ...

Sprinklers splash doomed pizzeria insurance arson
August 02, 2018
Owner muffs blaze ineptly planned to look like a grease fire

If Mustafa Zabana cooked pizza with the skill he used to fry his pizza shop, he should be selling furniture or shoes instead.

The Iraqi national owned Bruno’s Pizza in a strip ...

Flames, floods engulf Florida homes in adjuster's $14M plot
July 03, 2018
Give corrupt public adjuster Jorge Fausto Espinosa credit for one thing — maybe he wasn’t honest, though he was certainly prolific with wrecking homes. The South Florida man recruited dozens of homeowners to burn or flood their places for about $14 million of inflated insurance claims in ...

Combating drug rehab scams earns Palm Beach County's top prosecutor national award
June 06, 2018
Dave Aronberg helped ignite rehab reforms, prosecuted corrupt operators imageORLANDO, June 6, 2018 — Igniting a statewide crackdown of large-scale corruption in Florida’s drug-rehab industry has earned State Attorney Dave Aronberg a national award from the Coalition Against Insurance Fraud. Palm Beach County’s top elected prosecutor ...

Parachutist survives 4,000-foot drop, husband disables chutes
June 01, 2018
Deeply in debt, UK husband tries to kill wife for life insurance, run away with mistress

skydiver_life_fraudWhat fearful emotions raced through parachutist Victoria Cilliers as she tumbled 4,000 feet toward almost certain death? The UK woman was an experienced parachute instructor and army physiotherapist with 2,600 jumps to her ...