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Fraud Coalition Boots Research Capabilities With New Staffer
December 12, 2014
Mercer will spearhead SIU benchmarking, public-attitude study and global report WASHINGTON, Dec. 12, 2014 — The Coalition Against Insurance Fraud has appointed Elijah Mercer to a new position of research associate. The appointment will help will expand the Coalition’s research capabilities so fighters and decisionmakers better understand the dimensions of fraud, ...

Puppies nearly burned alive in arson plot
December 03, 2014
imageA pet shop owner left her prized puppies to die in an arson fire to bilk her insurer for a bailout from debt. Gloria Lee owned the Prince and Princess Pet Boutique in Las Vegas. She and her husband suffered serious financial problems and had gone bankrupt. ...

New York doctor convicted of ordering unneeded heart tests
December 02, 2014
Insurers warn consumers about protecting themselves against fraud scams December 1, 2014, New York — The criminal conviction of a New York doctor who subjected patients to unnecessary heart tests is a reminder that consumers in the Empire State need to protect themselves from scams and be alert to medical fraud ...

Patients pumped with chemo poison for profit
November 10, 2014
imageCancer was good to Dr. Farid Fata. He pumped up patients with toxic levels of chemotherapy whether they needed it or not. They suffered mightily as the drugs launched mass attacks on their cells and suppressed their immune systems, often for months. The patients were his slot machines, ...

Partnership and analytics stemming bleeding of Medicare
November 06, 2014
Federal insurer long plagued by thievery aiming to turn corner on fraud imageAbstract: Fraud has bled Medicare for decades, leading to untold billions of dollars in losses to fraud rings and crooked medical providers. But initiatives by the Obama Administration are having a promising impact. Task forces ...

Graying Baby Boomers may swell ranks of fraudsters
November 06, 2014
Insurance industry must better study and respond to phenomenon imageAbstract: America’s Baby Boomer generation is rapidly entering retirement age and creating a large bulge of seniors unlike any demographic shift our nation has ever seen. This also portends a possible bulge of insurance fraud. Seniors tend to be ...

Malingering imposes large costs on insurance companies and society
November 06, 2014
Greater awareness needed to effectively discourage expensive disability problem imageAbstract: Disability fraud costs in the U.S. recently have been estimated to be as high as $180 billion annually. Despite these and other estimated costs, there is reluctance by healthcare providers, hospital administrators, disability programs, insurance companies, and ...

Insurers advancing fraud fight with advanced high-IQ technology
November 06, 2014
Tools counter emerging threats as fraud increases, insurers say in study imageAbstract: Technology is an increasingly disruptive force for insurers in combating insurance fraud. Innovation is necessary: Suspicious activity has risen in the last three years, more than half of responding insurers say in a study by the ...

TrendWatch: new developments about fraud in America
November 06, 2014
Coalition defends right to sue suspects in Illinois imageAn Illinois lower court’s mistakenly narrow ruling preventing a whistleblower from suing an allegedly crooked medical clinic will weaken the state’s whistleblower law and undermine anti-fraud efforts in the state, the Coalition argues in an amicus brief filed in early ...

Blackened rubble reveals arson clues
October 06, 2014
imageDogged by financial woes and needing money to feed her five children, Latasha Curtis burned down the home she rented. The home’s unnamed policyholder also needed the insurance money to repair broken water pipes in the Youngstown, Ohio house. State Farm paid nearly $68,000 and her share ...