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Celebs prance in public while faking comp injuries
October 05, 2015
Beauty may only a skin deep, though Shawna Lynn Palmer’s insurance scam ran deeper. That was abundantly clear when Palmer claimed she broke a toe on her left foot while clerking at Stater Brothers supermarket in Riverside, Calif. She couldn’t place any weight on her foot, move it in ...

Basement a fiery coffin in botched insurance arson
September 02, 2015
imageSearing flames closed in on Dion Longworth, who was trapped in the basement of his burning home. Firefighter Richard Shirven locked with him hand and arm with him through a small debris-choked hole in the wall. Shirven tried to yank aside the baking, blackened debris and pull ...

N.Y. insurers appeal to guilt in workers-comp outreach campaign
August 14, 2015

“Dad, our neighbor just told me you’re a criminal. How could you do that?”

It’s the plaintive voice of an embarrassed teen who just learned her father was convicted of faking a workers comp ...

News events invite anti-fraud editorials, comments
August 14, 2015
image In boxing, it’s called counter-punching. In public outreach, it’s called using news events as springboards to send out strong anti-fraud messages. Several fraud fighters astutely showed how:

Medicare bust: Univera Healthcare turned a major Medicare bust into a PR coup. ...

Reaching out to consumers leads to surprise busts
August 14, 2015
image Talks by fraud fighters to community groups are useful ways to spread anti-crime messages and give practical advice. Interviews with reporters can carry messages beyond the Rotary luncheon to an entire state or region.

And sometimes the unexpected happens.


Daisy dogs arson fires with well-trained nose
August 14, 2015

Meet Daisy, an arson dog trained by Coalition board member State Farm. Her nose helped discover arson in nearly half of cases she worked recently in Westchester County, N.Y.

Daisy ...

From the Coalition ... Making news and sharing views
August 14, 2015
image The Coalition frequently interviews with reporters. The topics range from public-policy issues to consumer advice. Sometimes both in the same article. Several recent news quotes:

Fake auto policies: “Simply jumping at the lowest price peddled by a stranger can cause large ...

New fraud laws put brakes on automobile scammers
August 03, 2015

imageMost state legislatures have closed their doors for the year. Several states finished with a flourish, enacting laws setting up roadblocks against crash rings, sham medical clinics and other automobile chiselers.

Airbag scams punctured by making use of knockoffs a crime
August 03, 2015
imageThe Coalition continues working with Honda America, seeking states to criminalize the marketing and use of counterfeit airbags in repairing autos.

New Mexico and Iowa made selling and installing knockoffs a specific crime. New Jersey may ...

NCOIL approves model shady contractor law
August 03, 2015
imageShady contractors. NCOIL finalized a model law targeting storm chasers and shady contractors at its summer meeting held in Indianapolis. The model would: let consumers rescind a contract if the insurer deems the repair unnecessary ... require a rescission statement printed prominently on the contract ...