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Evading Auto Premiums Now An Insurance Crime In N.J.
May 08, 2015
New law adds penalties for falsely registering vehicles in other states WASHINGTON, May 8, 2015 — New Jersey drivers who lie that they garage and drive their vehicles in other states to save on auto premiums now could face insurance-fraud charges, announced the Coalition Against Insurance Fraud.  Gov. Chris Christie signed ...

Insurance shakedowns raise consumer costs
May 05, 2015
imageSelena Edwards was outraged. She’d pulled up to a McDonald’s drive thru window near Los Angeles. A staffer handed her a cup of coffee with a loose lid. Scalding java spewed onto her right hand, inflicting painful second-degree burns. So she claimed. Edwards demanded $10,000 from ...

Legislative year opens with victories in three states
April 27, 2015

imageFraud fighters already have earned a solid lineup of new state fraud laws well before the legislative season has reached its peak months of activity.

Signature wins in Kentucky, New Jersey and New Mexico are on ...

Around the states ...
April 27, 2015
imageMinnesota. High on our 2015 legislative agenda involves strengthening Minnesota’s auto fraud laws. Efforts in the previous two years fell short but the 2014 election gave fraud fighters a new lease to try again.

Bills moving through both chambers would add teeth ...

Grassroots letter-writing supports pushes for fraud laws
April 27, 2015
imageThe Coalition began teaming with insurance investigators two years ago to launch grassroots letter-writing campaigns to support worthy state fraud bills and thwart potentially damaging ones. It’s a partnership with IASIU and its chapters. The modus is the Engage online system, which enables fraud fighters to email letters ...

Model bill chases after storm-chasing contractors
April 27, 2015
imageState insurance legislators are drafting a model bill targeting storm-chasing contractors. The measure is being developed by NCOIL, the association of state insurance lawmakers. It’s being readied for another round of discussion at NCOIL’s summer meeting in July in Indianapolis. The draft borrows from laws that the ...

Four Questions for Wayne Goodwin
April 27, 2015

Commissioner Wayne Goodwin is serving his second term as elected insurance commissioner of North Carolina. He oversees the nation’s first insurance fraud bureau — now celebrating its 70th anniversary. Prior to being elected commissioner Goodwin, served as assistant commissioner and also ...

Behemoth auto-fraud ring thrown into permanent reverse
April 02, 2015
imageDodgy insurance claims for thousands of injured drivers and passengers flooded auto insurers during a reign of error by a Russian-American crime ring working the New York City area. Mikhail Zemlyansky masterminded the largest no-fault auto scheme ever charged. New York’s streets must’ve seemed like a giant bumper-car ring. His ...

New Law Limits Soliciting Of Accident Victims By Crash Rings
March 24, 2015
Recruiters try to convince victims to get phony treatment at shady clinics imageWASHINGTON, March 24, 2015 —A new law works to choke off the recruiting of crash victims for worthless injury treatment by staged-crash rings proliferating in Kentucky, says the Coalition Against Insurance Fraud. Gov. Steve Beshear signed ...

Stiffer Penalties Will Help Thwart Evading Of Auto Premiums In NJ
March 17, 2015
Bill clears state legislature, Coalition urges Gov. Christie to sign imageWASHINGTON, DC March 17, 2015 — New Jersey drivers who lie about where they garage and drive their vehicles to illicitly lower their auto premiums are a big step closer to facing stiff new penalties for being caught, ...