Samaritan scammer shotguns legs to steal disability insurance

By James Quiggle
January 17, 2017
Said ambushed when helping stranded pregnant motorist

imageShannon Egeland stopped to help a pregnant woman stranded on a roadside late one summer night near Caldwell, Idaho. It was an ambush.

Someone snuck up and shotgunned him, shattering his legs and forcing surgeons to amputate his left foot.

Or so the former Idaho developer told his disability insurer.

Egeland had his teenage son blast him in his lower legs with a borrowed 20-gauge shotgun in a bizarre insurance scam.

He invented the ambush to make a false disability claim. But the Samaritan Scam fizzled. Fraud investigators soon saw through the ruse.

The attack had no logic or motive — why did robbers leave his wallet, cellphone and fancy BMW behind?

Egeland also bought the death-and-dismemberment disability policy just a week before the shooting. Suspicious timing.

He also lied on the insurance application.

Egeland had no arrests in the last 10 years, he told Standard Insurance Company. He actually faced sentencing for a mortgage-fraud scheme. He also was convicted of selling prescription pain drugs and stealing $9 of goods from a store.

Egeland finally admitted all. On top of the insurance con, Egeland hoped the setup shooting would delay his expected 10-year federal sentence for a mortgage scam in Oregon.

Instead, he’ll serve up to five more years in federal prison when federally sentenced for the shotgun con.

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