Lawless libido traps cheater in partner-swap comp romp

By James Quiggle
January 17, 2017
Prison guard shot at swingers club, lied was work injury

imageJohn Alfonzo Smiley turned a night of sex frolicking into a dodgy workers-compensation claim. Then fraud investigators, well, exposed the prison guard’s X-rated exploits and sent him to jail for insurance fraud.

Smiley was shot and paralyzed from the waist down when he and his wife left a San Francisco restaurant after dinner, he told investigators. 

A former prison inmate spotted Smiley. The guy had a score to settle, and shot Smiley in the back.

The wound thus was work-related, Smiley creatively claimed. He sought $4 million from the state-run workers-compensation insurer. His wife demanded her share of the illegal claim — $271,000 as his so-called caregiver. 

In truth ... Smiley was shot outside a San Francisco sex club named Twist.

John and Cynthia swapped partners with another couple in an upstairs “play” room with a couch and circular bed. They got into an argument afterward. Matters overheated as the two couples left Twist in the pre-dawn hours. The other guy pulled a gun and shot Smiley in the back.

Smiley’s false comp claim quickly fizzled amid his muddled excuses. The shooting had nothing to do with his prison work, he admitted to police right after the shooting. Smiley also had intercourse with the other woman, he added.

“They had chances to walk away. If they said, ‘We’re sorry,’ it wouldn’t have gotten this far,” state prosecutor Kelly Mulcahy said. Yet Smiley never danced with, touched or even looked at the other woman that night, he later told investigators under oath. Smiley also conveniently forgot he’d just spent a night in a wild swinger’s club, he said under oath.

Smiley and Cynthia could’ve avoided an insurance-fraud prosecution if they’d just apologized. They refused to admit they did anything wrong.

Smiley’s erotic exertions earned him eight months in jail, and cost him his career. 

“They had chances to walk away,” state prosecutor Kelly Mulcahy said. “If they said, ‘We’re sorry,’ it wouldn’t have gotten this far.”

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