Grassroots letter-writing supports pushes for fraud laws

By Howard Goldblatt
April 27, 2015
imageThe Coalition began teaming with insurance investigators two years ago to launch grassroots letter-writing campaigns to support worthy state fraud bills and thwart potentially damaging ones. It’s a partnership with IASIU and its chapters. The modus is the Engage online system, which enables fraud fighters to email letters to their state legislators. The effort capitalizes on the credibility of investigators as informed crime fighters and voting constituents. Fraud fighters wrote to support bills in Colorado, Maryland and Minnesota in 2014 — the first full year for Engage. The Colorado and Maryland measures became law. In fact the Colorado effort convinced a legislator to co-sponsor the bill. He had a lengthy conversation with a fraud fighter who’d written him. The fraud fighter adroitly showed how the bill would benefit anti-fraud efforts and consumers in the state. Only the Minnesota measure stalled, though it helped lay groundwork for a renewed push this year. This year’s early successes in Kentucky and New Jersey have gotten Engage off to a robust start for 2015. Fraud fighters are weighing in to support the Minnesota bill this year as well. Legislators often know little about fraud bills, or the fraud trends that inspired the measures. This gives fraud fighters a golden opportunity to open doors, educate their lawmakers and develop personal relationships that can build needed support at crunch time. This valuable face time will help forge ties that can greatly help with future fraud bills as well.

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