Bugatti dunk for insurance cash all washed up

By James Quiggle
January 7, 2015

imageSelling exotic sports cars was Andy House’s specialty. Sinking one for insurance money was purely amateur hour when his plot was captured on camera and became an internet sensation.

House rocketed a rare $1-million Bugatti Veyron into a salty East Texas lagoon for an inflated $2.2-million insurance claim.

Only 300 Veyrons were made. Geared to reach more than 250 mph, it was one of the world’s rarest street-legal sports cars. House bought the car with a loan from a friend, then insured it for double the price as a collector’s car.

House owned the Veyron for just one month before launching his bad-luck dunk. He surged along a roadway and veered into a swampy lagoon. He left the soaked car running for 15 minutes. The powerful engine sucked in large amounts of salt water, thus flooding it and ruining the car. 

Cellphone captures splashdown

A motorist who’s a car enthusiast saw the Bugatti jetting down the road. Awed by the car, he whipped out his cellphone to capture House calmly driving down the road, then ploughing it into the lagoon. 

The video went viral on YouTube and became an online sensation. Car lovers winced over the Bugatti’s demise. It also was one of the most-expensive crashes of a single car in history. 

House claimed he swerved to avoid a low-flying pelican. He kept the engine on because he was busy swatting mosquitos, he told his insurer. 

Yet House had no idea the other driver had captured the plot existed when he made his false $2.2-million claim. Law enforcement quickly found the video. House’s insurer refused to pay up, leaving him with a sodden wreck and insurance-fraud conviction on his hands. 

House pleaded guilty and faces up to 20 years in federal prison when sentenced.

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