Exchange of case information survives in Minnesota law

By Howard Goldblatt
July 22, 2014

imageMinnesota enacted a wider immunity law allowing more exchange of valuable case leads and other information. It’s an important law that took a stout fight to pass.

The state legislature created a working group last year to review insurance-fraud problems in the state and to make recommendations to the legislature. The Coalition worked with other anti-fraud partners in advising the working group. Several Coalition recommendations became part of the legislation, creating optimism that robust laws would be enacted.

The provisions would’ve added civil penalties for fraudsters, tightened rules against bogus medical billings and treatments, and given the commerce department authority to recommend to license boards that dishonest medical providers be booted from the insurance system.

The bills steadily worked through the statehouse then hit a wall. Highly mobilized, well-funded lobbies for medical providers and the state trial bar torpedoed most provisions.

The lone survivor to become law was the expanded ability of insurers and others to freely exchange case information.

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