The Coalition was founded in 1993 as the nation’s only anti-fraud alliance speaking for consumers, insurance companies, government agencies and others.

We are helping to unify America’s fraud fight, serve as a leading voice of the anti-fraud community — and are a trusted source of information on all aspects of insurance fraud. Among our achievements...

Government affairs

Defended Examinations Under Oath. Requiring court orders would jeopardize EUOs as a vital anti-fraud tool, thus inviting rising fraud losses, the Coalition said in an amicus brief to the Kentucky Supreme Court. The Coalition also helped quash a bill limiting insurer use of EUOs in Washington state.

Alerting the public

Offer consumer videos. Everyday consumers deciding about defrauding their insurer or being victimized are shown in eight 30-second video spots for member use.

Infographic.Insurance Fraud: Why Care?” tells an edgy, deterrent fraud story in an at-a-glance visual format.

Mobile app. Mobile users can conveniently access Coalition website material. The app is available free of charge via the Apple app store for IOS users, and via Google for Android users.

Social media. Daily blasts of anti-fraud messages, cases and trends via Facebook and Twitter keep consumers well-informed. The podcast FraudFeed warns consumers about scams — staged crashes, contractors, much more.

Alert consumers. We reveal fast-moving scams. Staged crashes ... swindles of seniors ... discount medical cards ... airbag cons ... insurance agents stealing your premiums ... and more. The Coalition was the first national group to alert America about fake health insurance plans being sold around the U.S. When potentially dangerous “Obamacare” identity-theft cons spread, the Coalition was a lead national voice in the news media.

Publish trends & news. The weekly insider e-publication Fraud News Weekly reveals the newest fraud cases, legislation and trends. It’s the nation’s leading outlet for breaking fraud news. ... Experts reveal new fraud trends in the online leadership quarterly Journal of Insurance Fraud in America.


Coalition membership has doubled in the last five years — from 75 organizations to 150 organizations. The year 2016 was a record for membership growth.


Produces primary research and reports to define fraud trends, reveal new data and provide strategic action insights. ... Insurance fraud is rising, and more insurers are responding by automating investigations with skilled technology, reveals a study of insurer tech usage. ... Some insurers sponsor robust anti-fraud programs while others appear to lack commitment to detecting scams, a report on life-disability fraud reveals.