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Letter throws twist in Broome County District Attorney race

October 17, 2019, Broome County, NY — New information about a Vestal man indicted in March, with two charges of insurance fraud. The investigation has taken a new turn into the race for Broome County District Attorney.

Fox 40 obtained a copy of an application from Broome County District Attorney (DA,) Stephen Cornwell, dated March 25th.

Cornwell was requesting that a growing investigation against Michael Pinco be moved out of Broome County and assigned to a special prosecutor.

That’s because, according to this letter sent to our newsroom, State investigators found possible fraudulent activity having to do with another Pinco business--D’Lusso Limousine.

The letter alleges that Pinco is partners in the business with Republican candidate for Broome DA, Paul Battisti.

In this letter, Cornwell asks that another DA handle the investigation to avoid the appearance of a conflict.

Cornwell’s chief assistant District Attorney, Michael Korchak, is running against Battisti. Korchak lost to Battisti in the GOP primary and is running as a libertarian.

Cornwell spokesperson Jim Worhach says the DA's Office, “Did not send it, absolutely not.”

Mike Korchak’s campaign has not responded, neither has democratic candidate Debra Gelson, nor has Paul Battisti.

Pinco’s lawyer and Battisti’s former law practice partner, Michael Garzo, confirmed that Pinco is in an open case in Otsego County.

Garzo also told Fox 40 there is, “No investigation into Paul.”

So, an application for a special prosecutor to investigate possible criminal conduct by Michael Pinco now lands in the already contentious race for Broome DA. All this, just 20 days before the election.

Source: FOX 40

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