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California dentist allegedly steals patient info to buy life policies

August 16, 2019, Marina del Rey, CA — A Marina del Rey dentist and licensed insurance agent is accused of using the personal information of her patients to take out life insurance policies on them, the California Department of Insurance said in a news release Friday.

Milagros Macaraig, 56, of Marina del Rey, appeared in court this week on multiple counts of identity theft tied to the alleged life insurance scheme.

A Department of Insurance investigation found that Macaraig had used the identities of two of her patients to sign them up for life insurance policies without their knowledge.

Macaraig was able to collect commissions on the applications, the department said, and would’ve boosted her total number of clients, which would increase the size of future commissions.

The Department of Insurance said she submitted the applications with an electronic signature and paid the initial premium with a money order.

The victims found out about the policies when they were contacted by their insurer during the underwriting process, before Macaraig collected any commissions.

The Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office is prosecuting the case, and is searching for any additional victims.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the Department of Insurance at 323-278-5000.

Source: KTLA

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