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Man who faked his own death loses wife and kids

October 17, 2018, Guizhou, — The 34-year-old man told the police that he had bought a life insurance policy worth one million yuan (RM600,000) on Sept 7.

On Sept 19, he borrowed his employer’s car and drove it into a river to fake his own death before going into hiding in Guizhou.

He, however, became homesick and returned home about a month later only to find his wife’s note.

The 31-year-old woman, thinking that her husband was dead, left a note and committed suicide ­together with their young daughter and son on Oct 10.

In the note, she wrote that she had lost the will to live without her husband amid mounting family pressure. She said she wanted to “leave alone”, but after thinking that her children would suffer without both their parents, she decided to take them with her. Their bodies were retrieved from a reservoir near their home in Langtang.

The man surrendered to the police two days later and has been detained for insurance fraud and intentional damage to property.

According to the police, the man resorted to insurance fraud as he was more than 100,000 yuan (RM60,000) in debt after having to pay for his car loan and his daughter’s medical bills.

His daughter was diagnosed with severe epilepsy last year and had been on medication since.

Source: The Star Online

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