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California driver gets 11 years after lying about crash time

September 19, 2018, Fairfield, CA — An ex-con who tried to pull a fast one on an insurance company was sentenced Monday to 11 years behind bars.

A jury found Lamont J. James, 34, guilty in May of two felony counts of insurance fraud.

With credit for time served and good behavior, James could be released from jail as early as September 2023.

At James’ trial, prosecutor Irene Chew presented witnesses who recounted that James was driving Aug. 19, 2015, on Union Avenue when he rear-ended another car. Within an hour of the crash, James, who did not have auto insurance, signed up for an insurance policy. The next day he reported the crash to his new insurance company, claiming the crash occurred after he signed up for the insurance coverage.

After discovering the other driver had already made a statement to his insurance company, James called to ask her to change the hour of the crash to an hour later than it had occurred. She refused and then James showed up at her home asking her again, with her refusing again.

Court records reflect James was convicted in 2004 of a felony home burglary and had gone to prison in 2014 after authorities caught him with a gun.

Source: Daily Republic

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