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Texas clinic worker forges med bill after vehicle crash

May 15, 2018, Wichita Falls, TX — A woman was booked into the Wichita Co. Jail over the weekend for insurance fraud following a vehicle accident in March 2017.

The charge stems from a vehicle accident on March 11, 2017.

Following the accident, three different claims were made to an insurance company in the amounts of $820, $859.69, and $3,624 for alleged medical costs and vehicle damages by a man who was involved in the accident.

A member of the special investigative unit for the insurance company saw one of the medical statements provided was off center, had two fonts and lacked codes required for payment, according to the arrest affidavit.

The insurance official contacted Clinics of North Texas to verify the claim and submitted the claim to the clinic.

It was discovered the claim was altered from a patient of the clinic. An internal investigation led to the termination of accounts specialist Afreda Higgins-Williams, 41.

According to the arrest affidavit, Higgins-Williams was identified as the person altering her medical record at the Clinics of North Texas and providing it to the man involved in the vehicle accident.

The altered medical statement for the man has 'ahiggins' and other identifiers that showed the record was accessed and altered by Higgins-Williams.

An arrest warrant was signed on October 19, 2017, for Higgins-Williams' arrest. She was booked into the Wichita Co. Jail on Saturday and is no longer behind bars.

Source: News Channel 6 Now

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