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Landlord pushes New York tenants into needless rehab

March 07, 2018, Brooklyn, NY — A large-living landlord will be staying in prison up to five years for pushing out tenants and bilking public assistance.

Yury Baumblit was sentenced Wednesday in Brooklyn Supreme Court after pleading guilty to crimes like scheming to defraud, grand larceny and unlawful eviction.

The cold-hearted landlord chucked tenants' belongings into the street without court orders, broke their stoves so they couldn't cook and locked them out of their homes, according to prosecutors.

Baumblit evicted one man and took away his bed. The jilted tenant slept on the floor for four months and successfully sued Baumblit to get his bed back.

When authorities nabbed Baumblit and his wife, Rimma, in 2016, they also seized fur coats, designer bags and a Mercedes Benz at the couple's $3 million house.

Handcuffed and wearing tan prison sweats, Baumblit didn't speak during sentencing.

The 67-year-old Brighton Beach resident owned three-quarter houses that, on paper, were meant to get down-and-out tenants back on their feet.

When Baumblit wasn't pushing tenants out, he was pushing them into drug treatment programs.

Authorities said he forced tenants treatment, regardless of need, so he could pocket illegal kickbacks from Medicaid providers.

Baumblit and his wife pleaded guilty last month to the scam, which prosecutors said wrongly extracted $1.5 million.

The state attorney general's office handled the Medicaid fraud case, while Brooklyn prosecutors handled other charges against the crooked landlord.

Brooklyn District Attorney Eric Gonzalez said Baumblit "preyed on vulnerable people who desperately needed a home. He did that to line his own pockets and deserves to be in prison for his fraudulent and cruel actions."

Source: New York Daily News

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