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Man in Pennsylvania charged with filing 32 false auto claims

February 19, 2018, Bucks County, PA — Ishmael Ali Burk will serve a considerable state sentence for assaulting two police officers and running an insurance fraud scheme.

A Bristol Township man who admitted nearly running over two police officers before fleeing into oncoming traffic, as well as to separately committing insurance fraud, could serve nearly 20 years behind bars.

Ishmael Ali Burk, 27, of Junewood Drive, was sentenced Friday by Bucks County Judge Raymond F. McHugh to a number of consecutive prison terms totaling 118 to 236 months behind bars — or just short of 10 years to about 19½ years.

Burk pleaded guilty in October to charges stemming from the assault case, in which Middletown police accused him of nearly running over two officers while fleeing a traffic stop in June. Later during the same incident, he was charged with fighting with police after he led them on a chase that dipped in and out of oncoming traffic and ended with Burk rolling out of his still-moving vehicle on a highway.

“This was one of the most terrifying days for these police officers,” said District Attorney Kate Kohler. “They don’t go to work expecting to get beat up or run over.”

A female passenger in Burk’s 2008 Jeep Grand Cherokee was forced to take control of the SUV following his unexpected exit, Kohler said, placing the woman’s life in peril along with every other driver on the road.

In the insurance fraud case, originally prosecuted by the state Office of Attorney General, Burk was accused of filing 32 fraudulent claims with 10 insurance companies in 2014 and 2015, each claim pertaining to one of six cars, according to court papers.

Prosecutors said Burk successfully swindled the insurance companies out of some $21,000, and attempted unsuccessfully to obtain another $85,000.

Source: Bucks Country Courier Times

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