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Texas family charged with dumping “stolen" SUV in Mexico

December 09, 2017, Laredo, TX — A father, mother and daughter lied about having their vehicle stolen because they could no longer afford the payments, according to Laredo police.
Carlos Geronimo Garza, 55, Maria Ludivina Garza, 53, and Ludivina Garza, 27, were arrested Wednesday and charged with making a false report to police. Carlos Garza was also charged with insurance fraud.

On Sept. 17, he called police to report his vehicle stolen, LPD said. Officers responded to the 100 block of Abbeville Drive, where they met with him and his wife, Maria Garza.

She stated to police that she woke up early in the morning and noticed that her blue 2017 Chevy Trax was not in her driveway, according to LPD.

An investigation revealed that her husband had driven the Chevy into Mexico on Sept. 16 via the Juarez-Lincoln International Bridge, police said.

Investigators said they also noticed a black Dodge pickup owned by the Garza family heading into Mexico seconds after the Chevy had arrived at the bridge.

The investigation revealed that Carlos Garza later called an insurance company to file a theft of vehicle claim, according to police.

On Sept. 22, police interviewed the family. All allegedly stated that the vehicle was stolen from outside their house, LPD said. But on Sept. 29, the Garza family voluntarily went to the Police Department with a different story.

"During the separate interviews and after they were read their Miranda warnings, Mr. Carlos Garza, Maria Garza and Ludivina Garza all confessed to police regarding the theft of the vehicle and all agreed knowing that Carlos Garza had crossed it into Mexico," LPD recounted in the criminal complaint. "The motive for the false report was to file an insurance claim and have Pronto Insurance pay off the vehicle, since they could no longer afford the vehicle payments."

Source: LMT Online

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