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Arizona home invasion probe leads to supected fake burglary

October 12, 2017, Phoenix, AZ — Maricopa County Sheriff’s detectives have released new information related to a home invasion, burglary incident on Chama Drive in Fountain Hills on July 15.

Two suspects were arrested in connection with the incident. One of those, identified at Charles W. Bazan was located in Denver, Colo. by an FBI task force. He was taken into custody on unrelated probation violations and arrest warrants.

Bazan was returned to Phoenix on the outstanding warrants where detectives questioned him in connection with the Chama home invasion. He was also identified through a photo by one of the home invasion victims as one of the two suspects.

Bazan has been jailed and is facing charges of aggravated assault, theft, armed robbery, kidnapping and misconduct with weapons all related to the Fountain Hills case. MCSO Capt. Henry Brandimarte, commander for the Sheriff’s District 7 based in Fountain Hills, said Bazan may face additional charges in relation to the incident.

The other suspect was arrested in Phoenix as he was apparently trying to leave town, according to Brandimarte. That was prior to Bazan’s arrest.

Brandimarte would not comment further on the second suspect or confirm his identity citing an outstanding, ongoing investigation related to the man.

However, court documents cited by Valley media reports in August, identified the second suspect as David Leddy, a former Fountain Hills resident.

The investigation into the home invasion led detectives to another man and woman who were eventually arrested for insurance fraud.

Brandimarte said detectives were attempting to develop leads in the case by reviewing similar incidents in the same time frame. That led them to follow up on a report of a burglary the same night as the home invasion. The victims in that case reported a break-in in which $10,000 in property was stolen. It was discovered that a big screen television monitor reported stolen by those victims was in the possession of the victim from the Chama Drive incident.

Brandimarte said the investigation was able to determine that the television had not been stolen, but in fact had been sold to the Chama Drive resident.

Detectives were also able to recover other items reported stolen in the second burglary and the couple, identified as Zachary and Sara Milton, were arrested in Phoenix on insurance fraud charges, attempted theft and making a false report to law enforcement.

Source: The Fountain Hills Times

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