How big is $80 billion?

(bigger than you think!)

Insurance fraud steals at least $80 billion every year. That's a lot of money... a lot of crime... and plenty of harm to honest Americans everywhere.

But what does a number this big really mean?* Actually, quite a lot.

With $80 billion, you could pay...

• salaries of 2.2 million American workers for a year.

• all personal income taxes for 7.4 million Americans for a year.

• tuition for nearly 15.6 million students at America's four–year public universities for a year.

• healthcare costs for nearly two out of every three seniors aged 65 and over for a year.

• every CEO of America's 500 largest companies for the next 16 years.

You could also...

• plant enough trees to reforest all of New England plus most of West Virginia.

• build 293,000 new homes.

• buy a new car for nearly 3 million licensed drivers. That's enough for every driver in New Jersey or Georgia.

• send everyone in Florida, Colorado and South Dakota to the movies every day, for a whole year (popcorn and soda extra!). That's 23 million people.

• fund America's entire space program for the next five years — or launch 62 space shuttle missions.

• build 69 stealth bombers.

As well as...

• send 6 million families of four to their local Major League Baseball home games for an entire season. They get tickets, caps, programs, sodas, beer and hotdogs — and parking. Mustard's free!

• buy coffee and a bagel (with cream cheese) for every adult in New York City (6 million people) each morning for 20 years.

• fund all cancer research in America for the next 13 years.

Other $80–billion fraud facts...

Fraud, Inc.: If insurance crooks formed a company called Fraud, Inc., it would rank 17th among the Fortune 500 in yearly income (for 2004).

Long walk: If you place 80 billion one–dollar bills end to end, they'll stretch to the moon and back — about 16 times.

* As of 2006. Also assumes multi–year figures stay about the same each year.